How to Care for Your VIP Customers in Real Estate: Lessons from a SyncApps Subscriber

Angie Abratiguin
7 minute read

If you take a look at almost any research report about the real estate market, you’ll find the same thing: it’s growing. Everyone was expecting a major fall during or after the first waves of the pandemic. You can’t blame “everyone”: everything was shut down and people were losing jobs left and right.

However, the real estate market surprised us all: it didn’t just hold its own; it grew.

During the lockdown, people found that their homes were too small and they wanted larger ones, so they got them. Some of them moved to more affordable areas or closer to the family since they were working remotely anyway.

Another not-so-pleasant growth driver for residential real estate was…divorce. The divorce rate spiked all over the world. Consequently, two people who used to need a single house now needed two.

If you think that commercial real estate must have taken a hit, think again. Sure, shopping malls were closed, so were restaurants and a lot of office buildings. But not all of them. And people always knew they still wanted to shop in brick-and-mortar shops at least occasionally, go out to eat and meet, and have an office for jobs that can’t be done remotely.

Moreover, the growth of commercial real estate was powered by industrial properties. Even when people stayed at home, they still needed stuff, and stuff-makers still needed a place to manufacture and package them.

As JP Morgan found, commercial real estate is bound for another great year, along with multi-family residences.

What’s Next for the Real Estate Industry?

However, even if we seem to have warded off the worst of the pandemic with little or no negative effects on the real estate market, it’s important to note that all the optimistic reports were drawn before the Federal Reserve increased the interest rate and announced it will keep on doing so. Moreover, with inflation looming along with a war in Eastern Europe, pundits have a harder time predicting what is going to happen with the real estate market.

Even if the growth trend is maintained, one thing remains certain: real estate leads and customers are more valuable than ever.

Why am I saying that this is true even if the sector keeps growing? It’s one of the oldest rules of business: where there is an increased opportunity, there is also increased competition.

So every lead is worth a lot more. Every client, especially VIP ones, is worth their weight in gold. (We’ll get to how to treat them in a moment)

If you’re in real estate, you’re definitely on the edge of your seat waiting to see which way the market goes. While we can’t help you with a definitive answer there, we can help you with insights into how to generate leads, nurture them into loyal customers, and then delight them.

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Want insider tips and tricks instead? We’ve got you covered on that front too! Meet Chris Davies, a real estate broker at RE/MAX, with more than a decade of experience and a passion for Apto and Mailchimp.

But first:

Why Apto and Mailchimp for Commercial Real Estate?

As any real estate professional knows, Apto needs no introduction. It is THE solution to keep track of leads, clients, and properties.

But Apto can’t do it all alone, can it? So you need another solution. Mailchimp is the equivalent of Apto for marketing automation: you’ve got everything you need under a single digital roof.

Problem (almost) solved.

As Chris told us, their business is very sales-oriented. However, a lot of these sales start with a phone call, then move on to email. And, of course, their contacts have to end up in their CRM.

See where this is going? Unfortunately, it’s going to data silos, a modern salesman’s biggest nightmare.

Chris had been using Salesforce through Apto for more than 10 years. But with the recent industrial real estate boom and their own growth, he needed a better way to manage data.

He tried everything. In his own words.

“Salesforce is great at a lot of things, but it’s not very good at email”.

Chris tried various integration solutions on AppExchange, but none of them met his goals. He tried three solutions to get their email solution “talking” to Salesforce. He even went as far as to custom-code an integration.

“Those are brute-force solutions. They move your lists one way only. It’s not what we needed.”, says Chris.

Yes, they needed an integration that badly. Luckily for Chris (and you!), there is a much better, much more affordable solution.

How to Delight Your VIP Real Estate Customers with the Mailchimp for Apto Integration

As we’ve learned from Chris, our subscriber, you need to offer a hyper-personalized experience to high-ticket customers. You’re not just going to send a customer who spends tens of millions of dollars on property investments your run-of-the-mill newsletter that advertises a tiny studio apartment, are you?

Here’s how Chris approaches this: when he gets a new listing available, he needs to be able to quickly generate an email list of his contacts that would be interested in that specific property. Not properties in general, because this is not the 90s. THAT specific property!

Better yet, he needs to keep the list as small as possible, to target only his A-class regular buyers.

Powerful segmentation and bidirectional flows were the top two features Chris was looking for and he found them both on SyncApps:

“It wasn’t until we started using SyncApps that we could just select the list and POOF! it was in Mailchimp!”

With the Mailchimp for Apto Integration, Chris can:

  • Create new segments for his hyper-personalized campaigns on the fly.
  • Pamper his VIP clients. For instance, Chris has clients who own real estate properties worth more than 1 billion clients. He can now only email them when it’s absolutely necessary, not spam them with just any property.
  • Save 2-3 hours in data migration and management.
  • See unsubscribes at a glance across platforms.
  • Automatically update audiences in Mailchimp or Constant Contact based on information from Salesforce.
  • Reduce the time spent on an email campaign from an hour to 10 minutes!

“SyncApps is the big tool we don’t notice anymore. Once it’s up and running, it’s just doing its thing in the background, we don’t need to tweak anything.”

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More on the Mailchimp for Apto Integration

This is how Chris Davies uses our integration to delight his high-ticket customers. Thinking of a different approach? Here are a few other things you can do with Mailchimp for Apto integration:

  • Automatically create a new Contact when there is a new subscriber in Mailchimp.
  • Apto Groups to List Views move Contacts into Mailchimp
  • Connect multiple Apto instances to multiple Mailchimp Accounts and vice versa for easy brokerage management and locations.
  • Bring back only records with opens or clicks activity to allow lead nurturing in Apto. Also, view in Apto what they clicked on in your drip marketing campaigns.
  • Marketing gets easier to outsource: you/the right broker can be notified every time contacts are interacting with your email.
  • Easier to manage email campaigns for thousands of clients.
  • Saves tons of time for email management.
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