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How to Get More Donations from Corporate Donors: Household Accounts in Salesforce for New Records from Constant Contact or Mailchimp (NPSP)
  • May 24, 2021|
  • 4 minute read

Nonprofits base most of their marketing campaigns on our personal generosity and count on our willingness to make the world a better place for everyone, not just for ourselves. So most of us think about donations as personal acts.

However, corporate donations make for a significant chunk of nonprofits’ income. Even small companies donate up to 6% of their annual profits. The top 10 most generous companies give more than $2 billion to nonprofits every year and this number is continuously increasing.

Let’s not forget one thing, though: companies are made of people. It’s people who make the decision to donate on behalf of the company they represent or on their own behalf. In fact, Microsoft, the most generous company when it comes to philanthropy can also brag with a 65% employee participation rate for annual giving campaigns.

What’s the main takeaway for nonprofits here? Don’t underestimate the power employees have over the philanthropic policies of the companies they work for. Every email address you have from someone working for a generous company can be a goldmine.

But do you know what’s better than one email address? Several contacts from the same company. You can’t know when one employee has the time to coordinate a campaign within their company — you may end up emailing them right when they are at their busiest. So having more contacts from the same company is ideal.

However, when you email people who work for the same company you may want to create a special campaign just for them — especially if they have a history of donating to your nonprofit.

You can now do this easily with Salesforce’s NPSP + Constant Contact or Mailchimp. Connected via SyncApps, of course.

Let’s take a quick look at a use case to learn how using the right solutions can save you time and pad your bottom line:

Use Case:

Nonprofits need Salesforce household accounts for every individual contact in their system and they want the ‘Companies’ they are associated with only in the affiliation records. This way, they can create hyper-targeted campaigns that speak about the benefits of donating to their charity from the perspective of that specific company.

Want to save time? Who doesn’t, right?

With the SyncApps integrations, there is no need to map the company name in Constant Contact or Mailchimp to Account name in Salesforce. All you have to do is create an Affiliation record in Salesforce between the Contact and the Company. That’s it!

Not only will you be saving up to two hours every week, but you’ll also be able to create better campaigns and get more relevant metrics and insights.

Create Organization Affiliation only for new records creation from Constant Contact

  • When this feature is enabled, SyncApps will create an Organization Affiliation based on the Company name from Constant Contact. This will create a Household Account with the Company from Constant Contact as an affiliation only. Salesforce NPSP users benefit from this by not having to import/export this field mapping between each system.

This will be populated without having to associate the Account or Organization with the Contact as they want the Contact’s account to be a Household Account.

SyncApps will still create an Account in Salesforce (if it does not exist) and add it as an Affiliation, but will not directly add it to the Contact via the standard Account field. This will allow Salesforce to create a Household Account instead

Salesforce to create a Household Account
Salesforce to create a Household Account

Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI) is a nonprofit organization providing reference points, source material, and education for all stakeholders in the agricultural sector. Their work helps to ensure growth and prosperity in the agri-food industry for generations to come.

They use this feature in the SyncApps integration to save time and money on Salesforce administration tasks for their NPSP management.

Want to read more about NPSP and how it can help you? Check out the article below:

How Nonprofits integrate Primary Contact details per household to their connected Marketing Automation Software

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