It’s a Party! Join Us in Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Drag-and-Drop App for Salesforce 

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They grow up so quickly!

I feel like it was only yesterday that we were launching the first version of the Drag and Drop App for Salesforce files and content. Welcoming it into the (still, at the time) brand-new world of integration was one of our proudest moments.

10 years and still going strong — that’s like eons in the SaaS business, where things move faster than on the Monza circuit.

Care to join me on a stroll down memory lane? I promise I’ll keep it brief.

Why We Did it?

Because it was cool.

I could have told you that we did it to innovate, to be pioneers, to push the frontiers of usability even farther — yeah, I could go on like this for another 10 years. After all, it’s what every business launch flaunts, right?

But you know us — we’re straightforward, and we don’t like tired tropes. 

We’re also quite geeky, and we like to show this off.

Back in 2012, dragging and dropping things was all the rave. You didn’t have anything like this in iPaaS, so we wanted to be the cool kids on the block and help our subscribers get a competitive advantage. 

It wasn’t the first thing we pioneered in the industry, after all (there, I’ve said it). You can take a look at our history of firsts here

Why Is it Still Rocking?

OK, OK, our initial reasoning wasn’t all geek and no business sense. We knew that our subscribers would love some extra user-friendliness, so we did it.

SyncApps prides itself on being incredibly easy to operate, even by people who are not technically inclined. Adding a drag-and-drop functionality enhanced user-friendliness tenfold.

What’s Inside?

The drag-and-drop app for Salesforce is as straightforward as the name suggests:

  • You can drag and drop anything into Salesforce. Even from Google Docs!
  • All you need is a standard or custom object in Salesforce, and you will be able to add: presentations, case logs, email, customer files, contracts, legal documents, files from Google Drive, and more.
  • Add documents and files of up to 25MB.

Why Will You Love it?

If you haven’t tried it already, I sort of envy you. It will transform the way you work. Here’s how our customers use it and why they love it:

  • It’s 100% cloud-based, which means you can take your work with you wherever you go. This makes it ideal for remote teams but also for traditional office settings, as it will help you avoid sending countless emails just to get a document. Plus, mixing up versions and more — you know, the hassle. I don’t need to bring back painful memories.
  • You can use it across departments: from finances to upper management, everyone can easily access the files or approve things within the same dashboard. 
  • Get at-a-glance views of all the activities.
  • Forget about the complicated upload process and trouble switching between apps. Getting everything under the same virtual roof has never been easier.

Learn more about how to use Drag and Drop for Salesforce here

Not using it yet? Get it on AppExchange, and it’s completely free!

Want to join the party? Drop us a line and tell us how it’s helped you!