The Cazoomi Story Continues...

    1. Facebook to Salesforce

      Facebook Lead Ads and Salesforce: The Batman and Robin of Your Marketing

      Use Salesforce? Facebook Ads to Salesforce automation can streamline your constituent and prospect marketing initiatives. Try it out today!

    2. basics series

      Salesforce Nonprofit Tech Series

      Work Hours vs Tech Advancements In the Nonprofit Space

    3. basics series

      SyncApps Signup Flow

      Our new and improved signup flow increases signups 200%+ among Salesforce automation users.

    4. basics series

      2023 Salesforce Integration Guides

      Released our Salesforce Integration Guides aimed at those looking to achieve real-time marketing alignment within Salesforce using automation and integration.

    5. basics series

      Introducing SyncApps Basics

      Launched our video training series for basic and expert integrators alike to help more organizations drive more sales and streamline their marketing efforts.

    6. npsp

      What's New In 2022 - A Look Back

      We've come a long way from the time we started Cazoomi and made huge gains since the SyncApps platform began back over a decade ago.

    7. npsp

      10th year anniversary of our Drag and Drop App for Salesforce

      Whether you are a nonprofit, small business or in the Fortune 100, your team needs to be able to access their content and upload it across Salesforce. Whether that is a contract on an Account or PDF, Slidedeck for an Opportunity. Get your team's files into Salesforce the easy way today.

    8. npsp

      Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) Automation

      Make recurrent donations a breeze. Hello, recurring, predictable income! Say hello to the newly enhanced NPSP automation for your nonprofit.

    9. talentlms and salesforce

      TalentLMS for Salesforce Integration

      Offer online training? Connect today to update existing user data in your TalentLMS to your custom object in Salesforce for student tracking.

    10. NPSP new features

      If your nonprofit relies on donations, you’re gonna LOVE this. Yes, it’s the complete integration of the Nonprofit Success Pack. You asked we delivered.

    11. Pledge 1% and Feeding Philippines

      SyncApps by Cazoomi Joins Pledge 1% and Starts an Initiative of Hope

    12. The Digital Future of Business Summit

      The Digital Future of Business Summit

      See how agencies, consultants, and citizen integrators are using integration to solve real-world problems.

    13. Apto integration

      SyncApps Empowers the Real Estate Industry: Mailchimp and Constant Contact for Apto.

    14. Cazoomi team

      SyncApps rolls out new Team features to monitor integrations as they run. A perfect way to synchronize all of your team actions and tasks so that everyone’s on the same page.

    15. Cazoomi team

      Surviving the Pandemic? F&$k Yeah! Thriving!

    16. Paragon

      Introducing Paragon – Your New Way to Integrate at Work

    17. INTEGR8 by SyncApps

      Introducing INTEGR8SM, your one-stop hub for everything that's about SyncApps, be it Help Center updates, feature articles, or new product features and integrations.

    18. The 2019 Martech 5000 Report: Celebrating Industry Growth

      The 2019 Martech 5000 Report: Celebrating Industry Growth

    19. Klaviyo and NetSuite Integration

      Klaviyo meets NetSuite

    20. Walkthrough Wednesdays

      Cazoomi launches Walkthrough Wednesdays Series! An initiative to educate our subscribers and walkthrough SyncApps powerful features!

    21. MBO Marketplace

      Cazoomi solutions now extends its reach to complement your Mindbody experience for 4+ software applications.

    22. Work hard & Play harder

      Work hard & Play harder

    23. G2 Crowd SyncApps Review

      SyncApps debuts on G2 Crowd, ranking in top 10 for Integration as a Service for Small Business!

    24. Mindbody to Mailchimp

      Mailchimp for Mindbody rolls out for all studios this 2017!

    25. Eventbrite to Salesforce

      Eventbrite syncs up with Salesforce for growing demand by Mailchimp subscribers.

    26. Jcurve SyncApps

      JCurve launches new JCurve SyncApps product site designed from the ground up to service growing need for NetSuite integrations.

    27. Cazoomi History

      Celebrating 5+ Years of SyncApps Cazoomi launches Intacct for MINDBODY!

    28. Cazoomi History

      Cazoomi worldwide teams launch highly anticipated SyncApps mobile ready product site designed from the ground up.

    29. Constant Contact for Franchise

      Introducing Central Send, "Constant Contact for Franchise", a Cazoomi co-creation for franchises worldwide.

    30. Cazoomi Asia

      SyncApps® celebrates 4 years of platform subscriber growth with Cazoomi Asia Teams!

    31. Cazoomi LogicBase Driving Retail

      Constant Contact and Cazoomi have partnered to bring eCommerce Marketing to Franchises worldwide. Growth continues with support from Logicbase, a premier Cazoomi Asia Network Partner.

    32. Cazoomi Asia teams roll out new SyncApps + Cazoomi sites!

    33. Cazoomi Asia

      Cazoomi expands SyncApps® Asia with 4 country deal for distribution. (Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong)

    34. Cazoomi Philippines

      Cazoomi Philippines launches targeted SyncApps® sites for Asia.

    35. SyncApps Celebrate 3rd year

      SyncApps® celebrates 3rd year of platform subscriber growth surpassing 10K+ worldwide subscribers in over 113+ countries.

    36. Cazoomi growth into the Large Enterprise continues with over 55+ Billion dollar firms using SyncApps®.

    37. MINDBOBY to QuickBooks

      Mindbody to QuickBooks rollout for Intuit subscriber is a hit!

    38. Driving Retail Logo

      Growth continues with launch of Driving Retail - Franchise eCommerce for Constant Contact.

    39. Constant contact integrations

      SyncApps® launches Constant Contact micro sites for over 550k subscribers.

    40. Cazoomi integrates, the #1 ATS, HRIS on AppExchange.

    41. DotPSD

      Cazoomi acquires Philippine Graphics Agency, DotPSD.

    42. Cazoomi team tours 4 countries meeting worldwide subscriber base.

    43. SyncApps for Salesforce platform

      SyncApps® for Salesforce platform exceeds growth forecasts.

    44. SyncApps® propels Cazoomi teams into over 50+ integrations per month and 1000+ subscribers.

    45. SyncApps logo

      SyncApps® by Cazoomi platform is launched.

    46. Cazoomi launches SyncApps, integration downloadable platform for small business.

    47. Founder bootstraps Cazoomi with initial $250,000 funding.

    48. snaplogic logo

      Cazoomi creates 12+ integrations on SnapLogic including 5 private Sync App downloadables for small business subscribers.

    49. Cazoomi launches private beta gaining 1500+ members selecting Cloud Apps to integrate.

    Cazoomi founded

    Cazoomi is founded in San Francisco, California.

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