Cazoomi enables business applications to talk to each other using SyncApps®, the Integration Cloud for Small Business.

There are thousands of companies and nonprofits using SyncApps®, from household names like the New York Times, Cisco, SUNY, United Way Bay Area, Watermark, Johns Manville, a Berkshire Hathaway company, to the yoga studio down the block.

The Cazoomi Story Continues...

    1. Eventbrite syncs up with Salesforce for growing demand by MailChimp subscribers.
    2. JCurve launches new JCurve SyncApps product site designed from the ground up to service growing need for NetSuite integrations.
    3. Celebrating 5+ Years of SyncApps Cazoomi launches Intacct for MINDBODY!
    4. Cazoomi worldwide teams launch highly anticipated SyncApps mobile ready product site designed from the ground up.
    5. SyncApps® celebrates 4 years of platform subscriber growth with Cazoomi Asia Teams!
    6. Constant Contact and Cazoomi have partnered to bring eCommerce Marketing to Franchises worldwide. Growth continues with support from Logicbase, a premier Cazoomi Asia Network Partner.
    7. Cazoomi Asia teams roll out new SyncApps + Cazoomi sites!
    8. Cazoomi expands SyncApps® Asia with 4 country deal for distribution. (Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong)
    9. Cazoomi Philippines launches targeted SyncApps® sites for Asia.
    10. SyncApps® celebrates 3rd year of platform subscriber growth surpassing 10K+ worldwide subscribers in over 113+ countries.
    11. Cazoomi growth into the Large Enterprise continues with over 55+ Billion dollar firms using SyncApps®.
    12. MINDBOBY to QuickBooksMINDDOBY to QuickBooks rollout for Intuit subscriber is a hit!
    13. Growth continues with launch of Driving Retail - Franchise eCommerce for Constant Contact.
    14. SyncApps® launches Constant Contact micro sites for over 550k subscribers.
    15. Cazoomi acquires Philippine Graphics Agency, DotPSD.
    16. Cazoomi team tours 4 countries meeting worldwide subscriber base.
    17. SyncApps® for Salesforce platform exceeds growth forecasts.
    18. SyncApps® propels Cazoomi teams into over 50+ integration per month and 1000+ subscribers
    19. SyncApps® by Cazoomi platform is launched.
    20. Cazoomi launches SyncApps, integration downloadables platform for small business.
    21. Friends & Family round Seed funding of $250,000, led by the Aquino Family and CnC Partners.
    22. Cazoomi creates 12+ integrations on SnapLogic including 5 private Sync App downloadables for small business subscribers.
    23. Cazoomi launches private beta gaining 1500+ members selecting Cloud Apps to integrate.
    Cazoomi is founded in San Francisco, CA by Clint Wilson and the Aquino family.