Why SyncApps? We can think of 250+ reasons

Our 250+ prebuilt workflows for NetSuite and Salesforce can help you run your business, better. Pick the features that match your business workflow. AI enhanced and no coding skills are required!

How It Works

Simply select the workflow automations your business needs within each Step to give you the flexibility to automate integration tasks so you can focus more time on your business.

Steps 1 and 2
Start automating your software

Setting up multiple automations is super simple. First, select the software you use to get started and name the automation.

After connecting your software, choose the workflow automations that match your use cases and integration requirements. In each Step, let AI integration suggestions based on your chosen use case, lead you to each prebuilt automation your business needs today.

That's it! Now, you'll be able to move through the next few Steps to select more workflows your business might need.

Bonus Feature
Full Sync

The Full Sync feature will power up your automation by automating the process of removing records from your other software being synced that no longer match your criteria in your automation. It works on all CRM and eCommerce platforms in our trials and plans.

The Full Sync can be scheduled to Manual, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Time of day scheduling available.

It allows you to keep your systems trued up with ease.

Step 3
Field Mapping

Basic fields such as Email Address, Name, Title, Address, Company Name, Phone Number, and Email Opt Out fields are already pre-mapped. Additional custom field mapping, field expression mapping, and overriding of fields like Email Address or Unsubscribe are available under "More Options".

Bidirectional updates of existing records or new records is easy to do in this step. Be sure to press Reset Sync Process after adding new field mapping so all your data will be re-synced with the new field mappings.

Step 4
Filter & Segmentation

Trying to automate your reports in your CRM or eCommerce system, then this is a great place to start. Filtering takes your records and filters them based on your chosen criteria. Your records can be synced bidirectionally using filtering between your software.

Segmentation syncs records from each defined segment into separate Lists, Groups, or Tags. The use of field expression mapping is supported. See more Filtering and Segmentation use cases here.

Step 5
Sync Scheduling

Sync Scheduling can be set up to completely automate your integration, so you do not have to run it manually. Sync On-Demand is available to allow quick testing of your software's integration or to make it so you can manually run your automation.

Set the time it runs, day of the week, or any schedule you choose. If you want to sync your marketing metrics in real-time, then head to scheduling for this option.

Add Team Members

Empower your organization with our Unlimited Team Members feature so your team can manage your data integrations.

Take your organization to the next level and keep everyone on the same page!

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Salesforce Partner Success Stories

See Nexell, the first Salesforce Partner in Europe in 2002, discuss how they implement Salesforce, run their business using SyncApps, onboard SyncApps customers, their NexellAngels Initiative, Nexellerator Solutions, QR-Facture, and more.


Streamlined integration for the type of organization that needs to get integration right the first time to save time and money.


People, product, and process rule the day, so tackling the processes part by automating the tasks people do manually or the product does inefficiently is key. Experience the difference and see results.

24/7 Support

Let's face it, problems arise, and integration use cases get tough so having a world-class support team at your back is one thing you can count on.

Tools that Fit Right In

Integration built to fit right into your business flow. You can customize, scale up or scale down anytime. Start automating and forget manual data work.

A Solution You Can Rely on

SyncApps has been in business for more than 12+ years. You can continue to rely on our dedication to innovation and our pledge to help you thrive!

Security Is Our Priority

All your data is secure with SyncApps. Our constantly reviewed and upgraded security policies are created to give you peace of mind. GDPR, CCPA, CASL and privacy policy-friendly, too!

World-Class Support

Whenever you need us, an integration expert is available to help you. Our support department is available 24/7.

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