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Data Geeks Lab is a consulting company on a mission to help nonprofits “love their data” again. In other words, they help nonprofits make the most out of the data they have collected and turn leads into active donors and stakeholders.


Data Geeks Lab is a consulting company on a mission to help nonprofits “love their data” again. In other words, they help nonprofits make the most out of the data they have collected and turn leads into active donors and stakeholders.

The entire staff at Data Geeks Lab has a background in nonprofits, so they know the needs of this industry very well. This is how they are able to empower their clients with the right systems for every organization.


Nonprofits and NGOs are typically understaffed. Most of the money they make goes into supporting the causes they fight for, so it’s only natural that the small teams they have are usually overwhelmed by the amount of work they have.

This is what makes Data Geeks Lab’s mission even more important: with the right systems in place, even understaffed organizations can perform well and meet their goals.


There’s no shortage of nonprofits that need consulting services for the systems they use, so Data Geeks Lab has no issue finding new clients. The real challenge for them is being able to come up with a set of systems for each of their clients.

Since they work with nonprofits in various industries, their clients need different systems and different ways to connect them. Data Geeks Lab relies a lot on integration. So they need a reliable partner that offers more integration solutions than the average provider.


You guessed it — that provider is SyncApps by Cazoomi.

Data Geeks Lab and their clients rely a lot on Salesforce. Since we offer a lot of Salesforce integrations, they were able to find everything they need in our portfolio.

These are the integrations they recommend to their clients most often:

The Eventbrite integration is especially hard to get right. Data Geeks Lab loves to use our integration for their customers because:

  • An API change made things difficult for Eventbrite integrations. But we found a workaround for this: Contacts that are not Attendees which come from Eventbrite are hard to track as they closed this API because they are not a CRM any longer to other systems. Still, with the SyncApps integration, you can easily sync Eventbrite data to Salesforce.
  • If an event in Eventbrite is created, Cazoomi will create a Campaign for that event. Then, as attendees sign up for the event, Cazoomi will match those attendees to Salesforce contacts, create new ones if not in Salesforce, and then add that contact to the event Campaign.

EventBrite for Salesforce

With SyncApps, Data Geeks Lab can now:

  • Automate data easily from Salesforce to different Marketing Automation that suits their Clients Needs.
  • Data Geeks Lab can now sync both ways of what the clients prefer; they can now configure the sync for their clients’ needs.
  • Using Filtering and Segmentation, quickly set the field values on which Contact they wanted to sync.
  • Using our Constant Contact free integration, Data Geeks Lab can help small nonprofits and clients sync their data without manually exporting their records between Salesforce and Constant Contact.
  • As a consultant, clients make sure their data have access anywhere and anytime; that’s why Unlimited Team features in SyncApps are beneficial for a consultant like Data Geeks Lab.
  • Overall, the flexibility and reliability to configure features for their clients’ needs were all that they offer using SyncApps integrations.

Key Outcomes

  • Data Geeks Lab can work with a single integration solutions provider, which makes things easier for them. Since SyncApps has 150+ integrations to choose from, all the nonprofits they work for can be catered to.
  • The nonprofits Data Geeks Lab works with can save dozens of hours of manual data work every month — a crucial thing for understaffed organizations.
  • All the nonprofits get a 50% discount on any plan — this makes it easier to get by even on a tight budget.
  • Data Geeks Lab and their clients get flexibility: not only can they switch to another plan whenever they want to, but if they ever choose to change their systems, odds are they will find the right integrations for them with SyncApps.
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