SyncApps Empowers the Real Estate Industry: Mailchimp and Constant Contact for Apto

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SyncApps Empower The Reak Estates Industry Mailchimp And Constant ContactFor Apto

The entire 2020 has been a big question mark for everyone in the real estate industry, from brokers to property managers. The pandemic hit this industry harder than it hit most.

And understandably so. People were worried about their financial safety, so upgrading to a new home was their least concern. All in all, April and May 2020 nationwide home sales dropped to their lowest levels since the financial crisis in 2008 and bounced back (but only slightly) during the summer. Some areas fared better than others, but ultimately, the uncertainty took a real toll on the real estate industry.

That and the drops in connected industries. For instance, the global mobility industry also took a major hit, as people didn’t move for jobs anymore and preferred to stay close to their families. This means that there were far fewer requests for rental homes from global workers.

Furthermore, with most people working from home, a lot of office space remained unused, and the request for non-residential properties slumped even more than the one for homes.

But it’s not all so bleak. In fact, the real estate industry made a surprising comeback in the fall of 2020, with home prices soaring. Of course, this was a much-needed breath of fresh air for everyone in the industry, but it also came at a price: steeper competition.

Since we still don’t know when the pandemic will end and what this end will mean to the global economy, back in 2020, the Cazoomi team began to look for ways to help every industry we cater to. We offered significant discounts for everyone (most notably the 50% off for nonprofits), we upgraded our 100% FREE plans and added more features to them, and more.

For the real estate industry, we introduced new integrations based on our subscribers’ feedback. One of these much-anticipated integrations is Apto for Constant Contact and Salesforce.

Apto, built on the Salesforce Platform, is an all-time-favorite solution in the real estate industry and for excellent reasons. It offers a plethora of features and great flexibility, all tailormade for brokers, agents, and property managers.

Being the perfectionists you know us to be, we figured we could improve on an already great experience. We offered our real estate subscribers the chance to do even more with Apto by connecting it to Mailchimp and Constant Contact.

Here’s a quick excerpt from one of our real estate broker subscribers while discussing the upcoming Apto for Mailchimp and Constant Contact integrations:

  • Sync Contacts and/or Leads in Apto with all their Activities or Notes from Campaigns sent from Mailchimp or Constant Contact.
  • Easier visualization of brokers’ analytics of their marketing reports within a deal.
  • Filter “Groups” containing “Broker. “ Enabling this will create an email list in Constant Contact together with the records in it where you can run your specific Campaigns. In Mailchimp, it will create a Group under your Group Category or will create a Tag.
  • Allows real estate brokers to clean up their Contacts in Apto and integrate with Mailchimp or Constant Contact without manually saving over 13 days per year of manual import/export tasks.

Check out this article for Best Practices for Apto Integration.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the highlights of the two integrations:

Apto For Marketing Autpomation Or Mailchimp

Constant Contact for Apto  

  • Sync your Brokerage Contacts bidirectionally to Constant Contact.
  • Retrieve Email Campaigns in Constant Contact and create an Activity or Note for each in Apto.
  • Sync back Constant Contact Email Campaigns to Apto Notes and add attachment Email sent to Leads and Contacts. (Explicitly designed for Brokers’ compliance)

Mailchimp for Apto  

  • Bring back only records with opens or clicks activity to allow lead nurturing in Apto as well as what they clicked on in your drip marketing campaigns.
  • Connect multiple Apto instances to numerous Mailchimp Accounts and vice versa for easy Brokerage management and locations.
  • Utilize the Multiple Group Category feature in Mailchimp right within the integration to the segment from Apto to the right Mailchimp Group Category and Mailchimp Group under each.
  • Retrieve Email Campaigns in Mailchimp and create an Activity for each Campaign Response.

Try them for yourself, and it’s 100% FREE! Not ready yet? Schedule a free consultation call with our experts to learn how to leverage the Apto integrations in your real estate business.