Marketing Automation Integrations for FREE – it’s for you!

Angie Abratiguin
3 minute read

Marketing Automation Integrations for FREE - it’s for you!

One of the many mistakes startups commit and are guilty of doing is collecting a lot of separate tools to deal with their different business needs. They somewhat start to hoard, even if some of them are not really solving their processes, as they are being given FREE or at a cheap price. Little do they know that having a lot doesn’t help but makes the work messier and disorganized.

I can attest to this as I’ve experienced this first-hand when I was with my past employer.

When I was working as an SEO specialist for my former company, I managed a lot of software in order to carry out my tasks in achieving the needs of my clients. I was required to make use of them almost every day for monitoring, gathering, and analyzing data. In the first months of using those tools, they really helped me a lot as my productivity at work was improved. However, the number of tools we use got more piled up as the months pass by, for as soon as we get to discover new software, we tend to try them out and then implement them for the whole team.

While a great number suggests innovation, but it’s not when it comes to software. The hassle of transferring data from my old software to the one we just discovered was a pain that it consumed much of our time, and we end up losing time for our other tasks. The software we used were not that expensive, with some are free, but when all costs are accumulated, they value a fair amount.

The tools that once helped to quicken our workflow later slowed our production. I admit that we leaned too much on buying a lot of software, not considering spending for integrated technologies. We totally suffered from that.

No startup needs to go through the trouble of having a mess of disconnected tools. The key is to strategically decide on what integrated software to use for the long run.

This month marks the launch of the new SyncApps Free Plan – all of the marketing automation software integrations start at FREE!

This means that all marketing automation software supported by SyncApps are now available in the FREE plan. You can now enjoy integrating your favorite marketing automation to your other existing software – as long as it is available in our integration platform.

Running a business should not only be about looking at documents and spreadsheets all day and hunting down colleagues for data. With our FREE Plan, you’ll get to experience the freedom to do more. Check out some of the features:

1 Sync Profile Available. You will be able to create a Sync Profile to connect your marketing automation software to another software.

All Marketing Automation Software integrations available. Access to all the software you use today like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, Klavio, Drip, and more.

Access to INTEGR8SM. All-new Free Marketing Integration Hub for anything and everything SyncApps-related.

Unlimited records for syncing. No limit to how many records you want to sync between your existing software.

Daily Sync Interval. Integrate your existing software without manually tapping the “Sync Now” button, daily.

24/7 Support. Whichever plan you are in, our support team values you the most, available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Enable positive customer success rates, unify contact and customer data, and elevate your marketing campaigns by upgrading to our FREE Plan today. Get in touch with us!