Meet Steps, Your New AI Assistant

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Meet Steps, Your New AI Assistant 

You may have noticed something new in your SyncApps dashboard: an AI assistant to guide you while you set up your integrations. Steps is our most recent launch, an assistant that stays by your side from the moment you open your SyncApps account and throughout your integration steps.

Why AI?

If you’re a regular on the SyncApps blog or platform, you already know that we constantly add new features and improvements. Most of them are suggested by you, our awesome subscribers.

AI was our R&D team’s idea.

As the technology grew by leaps and bounds these past years, we also saw an opportunity to leverage it in iPaaS. iPaaS and AI share a common promise: to make your life easier and to help you complete your tasks faster.

If that is not a match made in heaven, I don’t know what is!

We quickly realized that AI would help you get more out of your SyncApps subscription and, more importantly, help you build your integrations faster. Let’s see it in action!

How Does Steps AI Help You Leverage Your iPaaS Subscription More?

Ever since we started SyncApps, we have had two main goals:

  1. Make iPaaS faster and easier to use
  2. Help our clients get the maximum possible ROI out of their subscription

You may have seen our recent rant about usage-based pricing in iPaaS and how we don’t think it’s fair to you, the iPaaS platform user. If not, the TL;DR of it is that less than 50% of subscribers use platform capabilities to the fullest.

This means that you’re paying at least 50% more than you should on your subscription AND missing opportunities — usually because of lack of time or steep learning curves.

At SyncApps, we do things better (or at least our subscribers think so).

We nixed usage-based pricing (a strategy that helps no subscriber), and now we’ve added AI to boost your ROI.

With Steps AI, you’ll be using more SyncApps features. Our platform is pretty complex and can enable you to do almost anything. But testing and analyzing every feature independently can be challenging, mainly if you’ve never used an integration platform.

Steps can take that over for you.

You will be asked questions about your use cases and goals when you sign up. Nothing too complicated, just enough to teach Steps AI how it can better assist you:

  • Business sector and industry
  • Team and location of the business
  • Software automation wanted
  • What are some of your use cases? E.g., custom opt-out, NPSP, and so on

For instance, if you want to set up the Salesforce and Mailchimp integration, Steps will step in at the first step (meta, right?), the Contacts Sync.

If you choose Segmentation for Checkbox Field Mapping from Salesforce to Mailchimp, your AI assistant will recommend Groups, not Tags, as well as Full Sync.


Because this makes removal much easier for you when a record falls out of your segment for Checkboxes on the Salesforce platform.

We also track your “recently selected features” to determine which new feature would serve your goals best and remove the selections you don’t need. With less clutter on your dashboard, you can focus on the features that can bring you the most ROI.

The same AI rules apply to Campaigns and List Views in Salesforce to Mailchimp Groups or Tags. They are all designed to guide you better based on your choices and how others in your industry set up the integration.

These are just a few examples of how AI can enhance your experience, speed it up, and help you get more ROI. In a nutshell, we’re using AI to get you a better bang for your buck.

How Has Steps AI Performed thus Far? What’s Next?

We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response to Steps AI. In 2023 Q1 alone, the tickets for Support Tier I decreased by 80%. This means you can set up automations faster and leverage them almost instantly.

Worry not; our Support department is still here for you, 24/7, with real people, for every pricing tier.

We’re just getting started with implementing AI in our platform. As we speak, our R&D team is working on creating better AI rules to guide you through pre-built automations that you can leverage immediately.

Our final goal is to make your setup journey seamless and have AI by your side daily. When we launch a new feature, you won’t need to analyze it yourself — Steps AI can tell you if it’s a match for you or not. If it is, Steps will also help you implement it faster.

When you input some use cases, SyncApps will set up the integration for you as a template for credentials to be put into the framework. Then you are all set to try out your use automation case.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the new world of possibilities AI opens for iPaaS! If so, remember that we’re only an email away, and we’d love to hear from you — drop us an email and tell us how Steps AI could get even better and what new features you’d like to see in your dashboard!