A Powerful Integration: MINDBODY and Infusionsoft by Keap

Madison Ford 3 minute read

A powerful integration: MINDBODY, InfusionSoft, SyncApps

When a person thinks of starting a business in the health and wellness industry, one of their first thoughts is, “Do we go with MINDBODY?” and for good reason.


MINDBODY dominates the industry with 75% of the current market share in the salon, spa, and fitness software market. It is a fast-growing SaaS business management solution for both beauty and wellness worldwide. MINDBODY is excellent for the basics, and it’s easy to use for consumers. However, for business owners, marketers, and sales teams, the software lacks the automation and integrations needed to scale. And, even with the fast-growing nature of MINDBODY, it’s not the only software which could use an upgrade in integrations. Until recently, there’s been a gap in the automated potential for the world of wellness. Now, there’s a lot to be excited about with the collaboration between software, integration, and automated marketing systems.

There are a few key marketing and sales factors needed to grow sustainably in the health and wellness industry. First, is a focus on retaining clients. Second, is in converting current clients to recurring packages. And third, is collecting the right data to save company time.

Based on the key success factors, it was only a matter of time before a CRM disrupted the health and wellness ecosystem.

Infusionsoft by Keap

In comes Infusionsoft, a robust automated marketing software with 25% of the current market share in customer relationship management. Unlike Salesforce, Infusionsoft is geared towards small businesses with flexible pricing, which makes it an intelligent match for salons, spas, and fitness studios. Plus, it can be managed by just a few people, which reduces training costs for small business owners (think 40 hours a month in savings).

So, what happens when MINDBODY client data syncs with Infusionsoft by Keap? It takes retention, conversions, and data to a whole new level (one popular fitness brand in San Francisco saw a 26% increase in YoY revenue). The good news is, SyncApps does just that. They’ve built a custom integration between MINDBODY and Infusionsoft, which syncs in client contact information and key custom fields. The data trigger endless opportunities for automated marketing, sales, and follow up campaigns in Infusionsoft.

MINDBODY to InfusionSoft by Keap Integration with SyncApps

With over 100 data integrations, SyncApps is on the cutting edge of what’s possible when real-time data is synced between two highly effective systems. They’ve got a sense for navigating the information their clients need to succeed, and it reduces many hours of repeat data scrubbing and uploading. Without SyncApps, in order to take full advantage of Infusionsoft’s potential, users would need to upload MINDBODY client lists constantly. Manual uploads are neither scalable nor are they realistic, especially for multi-location businesses looking to scale.

The future looks bright for the software collaboration and data integration environment, largely in thanks to companies like SyncApps. Combining the worlds of service and sales software is an intelligent position to play, especially when it comes to navigating the somewhat sticky bureaucracy of software companies. It’s clear that data-driven decision-making tools are here to stay, which will make companies like SyncApps more valuable than ever before.

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