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Mindbody Virtual Classes Have Become the Norm. Are You Keeping Up?
  • June 20, 2020|
  • 5 minute read

“I’m never going to sign up for a full brick-and-mortar gym”. In the post-pandemic (or at least post-lockdown) world, phrases like this one are quite common.

This is why Mindbody Online, the name everyone in the health and wellness world knows, is introducing a way to make virtual classes easier for gym and studio owners.

It’s no secret that gyms, spas, fitness centers, and yogas studios have been hit badly. Some of them bounced back and have even been thriving during the lockdowns.

Do you know what these thriving health and wellness businesses have in common? They were able to reinvent themselves and make the digital shift quickly.

Yes, sometimes it’s that easy.

If digital transformation is not something you have mastered yet, don’t fret. The demand for online health services (or even brick-and-mortar ones in some places) is at an all-time high.

People all over the world have finally understood the importance of prevention and keeping fit. Now it’s up to you to guide them on that journey.

And we’re right here beside you to make it super easy for you to serve your clients, wherever they are.

By the way, have you seen our extensive marketing guide for the Health and Wellness Industry? It’s 100% FREE, so check it out!

One of our most sought-after integration is Mindbody Online to Infusionsoft by Keap.

And it’s no wonder!

Mindbody is a marketing powerhouse for health and wellness businesses and Infusionsoft is the perfect solution to make sure you never lose track of your clients — and that they are always happy with your services.

In order to leverage digital marketing to the fullest, you need a way to personalize all your communication with your clients and your prospects.

The Mindbody to Infusionsoft integration powered by SyncApps does exactly that! It puts your communication on auto-pilot AND still keeps personalization and relevance at the core.

Let’s see it in action!

Integrating Mindbody Online with Infusionsoft by Keap via SyncApps by Cazoomi — the Basics

Connecting Mindbody Online with Infusionsoft in SyncApps by Cazoomi is super easy! Need to track when a Mindbody Online Client registers for a particular class, say 4:30 PM Monday, April 6th, then kick off an email blasts automation in Infusionsoft?

SyncApps for Mindbody Online has an awesome feature where you can automatically Tag your Mindbody Online Clients based on their Classes, Appointments, or events to Infusionsoft.

Need to know exactly how it’s done? Check out our Help Center article here.

Mindbody to Insfusionsoft Flowchart

What’s New in the Mindbody Online to Infusionsoft by Keap Integration by SyncApps

We are 100% behind health and wellness businesses who need to bounce back. This is why we’ve taken our Mindbody Online to Infusionsoft integration to a whole new level.

Check this out:

We enhanced the Infusionsoft Tagging (Naming convention) for Mindbody Classes, Events, or Appointments.

Why does this matter to you?

Before, SyncApps will just grab the name of that Class, Events, or Appointments as the name of the Tag in Infusionsoft. Now, the new naming convention for Tags includes the Date and time.

Example: “(Date, Time): Indoor Exercise” in Mindbody Online



YES, that’s right! You can now easily target the participants of a particular class! No more sending emails about Pilates to people who are interested in CrossFit.

You now have easy access to unparalleled automation and personalization. Your clients are going to think you’ve spent ages emailing everyone by hand OR that you’ve spent a fortune on a cutting-edge tech solution.

We’re the living proof the cutting-edge technology doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Did you know that you can get started 100% FREE? Check out the integration options here.

Want to see this neat feature in action? See how it works here.

Or, how about a real-life example? One of our happy subscribers emailed us wanting to know how exactly they can leverage this feature:

  • Will it create Infusionsoft Tags for every class we’ve ever had? That’s roughly 18000 tags about to be created. I only want to tag those who started let’s say, May 1, 2020.

SyncApps will automatically create Infusionsoft Tag(s) for each Mindbody Online Classes/Events/Appointments for segmentation in Infusionsoft once you enable this option below and hit reset and resync.

You may try to create a new Sync Profile or use the existing one and enable the “Segment Clients by Classes/Events/Appointments” then set the Integration Start Date in Step 6 of the Sync Profile so that it will only grab the records and be tagged in Infusionsoft from the specified Integration start date to the current date.

Sync Scheduling

Want to segment clients by Classes, Events, or Appointments? You can find this option in Step 1 of the Integration. Just tap the checkbox — you can hover the SyncNotes for more clarifications.

Sync Mindbody Segments Clients

We promised it was going to be super easy to bounce back when you use the Mindbody Online to Infusionsoft integration by SyncApps, haven’t we?

Just one final note: this article doesn’t even begin to cover all the awesome stuff this integration can do. If you want to learn more about leveraging it, take a look at our Mindbody Online to Infusionsoft integration page and drop us a line if you need any guidance. We are here to help!

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