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Offering Peace of Mind to Those Who Offer Us a Healthy Mind
  • May 13, 2021|
  • 4 minute read needs very little introduction. Their proprietary transcendental meditation technique has helped millions of people all over the world cope with their day-to-day struggles. Or, in their own words: “Transcendental Meditation is a simple, natural, effortless technique practiced 20 minutes twice a day while sitting comfortably. It enables the mind and body to access a special quality of rest.”

During the pandemic, a lot more people reported mental health issues like depression or anxiety, along with an increase in substance abuse. The surge in cases has been observed over a period of more than a year now and it doesn’t seem to stop any time soon. More and more researchers and doctors are worried about the long-term effects of the pandemic over our mental health.

In such times, organizations like TM are paramount. Helping people deal with mental health issues is a priority everywhere. While governments are busy tackling the medical crisis in hospitals and managing vaccination campaigns, it’s up to the nonprofits to step in and focus on an ignored part of our health.

This is why we’re extremely happy to be able to support so many of these organizations. TM has been a SyncApps subscriber for years, so we have witnessed their exponential growth during the pandemic.

Transcendental Meditation has offices in several countries (Hong Kong, Australia, USA, New Zealand, and more) so they can better answer the needs of their customers locally. Each of their branches uses SyncApps to stay on top of their marketing.

Let’s see how they do it!

But before that, a quick reminder: SyncApps supports nonprofits in every field. Sign up for FREE and enjoy a 50% discount for life on all our plans!

The iContact to NetSuite Integration for Nonprofits: Peace of Mind and Less Tedious Work unlimited record syncs

From the USA, Australia, and Hong Kong chooses SyncApps for seamlessly integrating their data using iContact for NetSuite.

This helps them stay on top of their marketing and communication and deliver the right messages to the right people at a time when it’s crucial! When dealing with mental health, you really don’t want to make people feel even more anxious or forgotten than they already do.

On the other hand, it’s worth remembering that behind every nonprofit organization, there are people. These people have their own mental health hurdles to surpass, so the last thing you want to do is add more menial work to their plate. Everyone suffers from boredom or hates their routine that seems unchanged for more than a year. So it’s crucial to empower the people who help other people with mental health issues with the right tools. uses NetSuite Contact and Customer Subscriptions to List(s) for better-targeted marketing.

NetSuite Saved Search

  • Sync Specific NetSuite Saved Searches that Only records returned by the specified Saved Searches will be synced.

They also leverage a specific feature of our integration: custom field mapping between both systems. Basic Contact fields are mapped by default. iContact’s Custom fields can also be synced.

Netsuite to iContact Field Mapping

  • Basic Contact mapping helps sync specific records from NetSuite to iContact fields. This way, they can better segment their campaigns and respond with personalized messages to specific needs.

Sync iContact’s “Do Not Contact” status to NetSuite Global Subscription status.

Sync iContact's "Do Not Contact" status to NetSuite Global Subscription status.

  • By default, SyncApps will set opted-out status in NetSuite for Contacts with Do Not Contact status. Please check this checkbox if you do not want the Do Not Contact status to be synced.
  • With this feature, can avoid sending messages or contact customers that have a Do Not Contact status.

We’re proud to showcase nonprofits organizations’ success with SyncApps. Check out the links below to learn more about TM’s story and about nonprofit success stories in general:

Wondering why nonprofits choose SyncApps as their favorite integration solution? It’s not just the attractive prices and the discounts:

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  • Manage existing multiple systems effectively.
  • Simplify processes so you can focus on strengthening connections with members, finding new donors, and delivering better services through Leads obtained from Marketing Automation Campaigns.
  • Track time and money spent and progress on projects using rules-based Field Mapping and Segmentation Features.

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