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Q4 2018 Features and Enhancements
  • January 29, 2019|
  • 7 minute read

Q4 Features Announcement

Hello SyncApps Community!

As we are nearing the end of 2018, we are wrapping up in rolling out our features and enhancements left in our development queue. We always aim to provide our subscribers with the most up-to-date and powerful integration platform for their organization’s needs.

For Q4 of 2018, we have rolled out a wide variety of new features and enhancements and even a new powerful marketing automation integration. Here’s the list of SyncApps newly added features and enhancements for Q4 of 2018.

Features Title Q4 SyncApps New Features

New Features

  • Unlimited Team Members feature introduced for Pro and Enterprise plans.
  • Full Sync email report available to choose now in Dashboard Settings tab.
  • Rolled out Unlimited Campaigns integration on both trials and paid Team Plans.
  • Ability to define External ID prefix in Zendesk integrations on all Team plans.
  • Added NetSuite feature to use Customer/Contact first address regardless of billing address status.
  • Checkbox to Multiple Group Title Enhancement for Mailchimp integrations rolled out.
  • Rolled out support for Campaign Response for Accounts or Person Accounts in Salesforce.

Feature Updates and Enhancements

  • Inline messaging for Trialers and subscribers for better real-time communication of features and updates.
  • Full Sync checkbox in Step 5 now for easier scheduling for when integrations will run longer to sync multiple software applications.
  • Unsubscribe on a Full Sync enhancement to better support GDPR requirements.
  • SyncNotes in Step 4 for Address Fields to quickly show pre-mapped and how to setup custom fields for mapping.
  • Read-only fields in Custom Field mapping step enhancements for better mapping process.
  • Subscriber Stories rolled out to each use case with an integration series for Team Plans.
  • Volusion, Shopify, and 3dCart how-to articles rolled out for eCommerce integrations while in-app setup steps for each.
  • Filter Add-Ons base on specific software used in integrations introduced.
  • Rolled out new UI for all subscribers of Salesforce and NetSuite.
  • Walkthrough Wednesdays live talk series now in onboarding steps for all Trialers and subscribers to make the integration setup more DYI for those needing faster Team onboarding.
ActiveCampaign to Zoho CRM
    • ActiveCampaign to Zoho CRM new records enhancement to better integrate based on email record added in ActiveCampaign iOS or Online app versions.
ActiveCampaign to Zoho CRM
    • Feature to show deep dive how-to SyncNotes while in key Steps added to each integration for Constant Contact and Mailchimp.
Constant Contact
    • Enhancements to Add-Ons for all Free trial and Free Plan subscribers. Team plans rolled out for all.
Constant Contact
    • Enhancement to retrieve clicked URLs (or those links you send in emails for your products or other important links) for NetSuite and other CRMs using the new Delivra Drip Campaign Designer.
NetSuite to Drip
  • NetSuite for Drip rollout of new pages for a better understanding of the new ECRM category integration for Drip.
Act-On Integrations
    • Enhanced refresh token storing feature
  • Webhooks on complete sync feature rolled out for website based lead capture subscribers using Drip integrations. (available upon request)
Dynamics 365
    • Added support for Dynamics 365 with Federated Identity using Authentication Policy.
Dynamics 365 SyncApps Dashboard
Dynamics 365 site
    • Increase Infusionsoft tags lookup result to 5 pages based on Team Plan feedback.
  • Beefed up field mapping array in each integration JCurve integrates to, especially eCommerce players like Handshake.
Zendesk for JCurve
    • Zendesk Address fields + Update Zendesk tix with JCurve ID in a custom field when it creates the Ticket in JCurve.
    • Zendesk App for JCurve INLINE Messaging platform introduced.
Zendesk for Jcurve
    • Enhance MINDBODY activation code flow in integration setup for all Franchise operators and owners. Now not just account owners but also managers and instructors can setup SyncApps.
MINDBODY Activation code form
    • Exposed NetSuite additional fields for Customer in multiple Subtabs for enhanced field mapping in Step 4 of integrations.
    • Introduced new conditions for extracting data from NetSuite for on-demand field mapping.
    • Added an enhanced array of transaction fields to field mapping in each integration.
NetSuite to Handshake
    • Sync NetSuite Price levels to additional pricing in Handshake for better eCommerce handling.
    • Enhanced Inventory integration if using NetSuite Item External ID.
    • Added more logging features for warehouse and multi warehouse location integration in NetSuite.
NetSuite to Handshake Sync Profile
NetSuite to Mailchimp
    • Customized Full Sync Add-On to better support large lists in Mailchimp (100,000+) and large Customer bases in NetSuite.
Zendesk for NetSuite
    • Zendesk Address fields + Update Zendesk tix with NetSuite ID in a custom field when it creates the Ticket in NetSuite – New Feature
    • Zendesk App for Netsuite INLINE Messaging platform introduced.
Zendesk Support NetSuite
    • Sync Mailchimp campaign last sent date to Mailchimp merge field for NetSuite Campaigns users.
    • Introduced Team Plan enhancements for Education and Institutional subscribers.
    • Mailchimp MultiGroups (Step 4) and Groups in Step 2 enhanced.
    • Updated Mailchimp GDPR fields only if Opt-in in CRM for better GDPR compliancy field mapping.
    • Rolled out enhancements to the feature “Do not overwrite unsubscribe reason on opt-out sync from CRM to Mailchimp.
    • Added timestamp_opt for mapping from Mailchimp to all CRMs for field mapping.
Mailchimp for education
Mailchimp for Salesforce
    • Mailchimp for Salesforce UI enhancements including – New Features, Content, Enhancements fixed.
    • Added resubscribe handling for those using the One-way integration features. It’s now as simple as point & press to enable the feature in Mailchimp integrations.
Mailchimp for Salesforce Field Mapping
    • Updated process flow in Steps of each integration for faster configuration.
Navatar to Mailchimp
Mergers and Acquisitions Navatar Version
Private Equity Navatar Version
Apto | Commercial Real Estate Software
    • Support for all Marketing Automation integrations to Apto rolled out.
Apto Dashboard
Propertybase | Real Estate Platform
    • Support for all Marketing Automation integrations to Propertybase rolled out.
XLR8 CRM for Financial Advisors
    • Support for all Marketing Automation integrations to XLR8 CRM rolled out.
Salesforce to Relias | Healthcare Talent and Performance Solutions
    • Relias integration enhancements for Salesforce rolled out.
Salesforce to Relias
Nonprofit Success Pack™
    • Enhanced support for Salesforce’s NPSP for Contacts, Person Accounts and more.
Salesforce to Relias
    • Support for all Marketing Automation integrations to PatronManager introduced.
    • Feature upgrade to not update External ID if “do not use External ID in sync” is enabled.
    • Added Address fields to Zendesk integration for NetSuite and JCurve to allow mapping to multiple Addresses.
    • Create a dummy email if Zendesk requester has none is a cool new feature our subscribers wanted with high volume Orders and also RMAs being processed with their integrations.
Zendesk Zoda Stream
  • Rolled out a feature to not include inactive fields in mapping fields.
  • For NetSuite and JCurve OneWorld subscribers, we rolled out the ability to not set subsidiary for Contact creation from Zendesk which allows for simple case creation at the top level company in NetSuite.
Zoho CRM
    • Zoho CRM Campaign Response mode or simply, how metrics flow back into Zoho CRM, built out for wider usage in both Free and Paid plans.
Zoho CRM
Zoho CRM
    • Introduced Inline messaging for Zoho CRM Trialers and subscribers for better real-time communication of features and updates.
    • Feature enhancements to update “Email Subscriber” in Volusion from Mailchimp, Constant Contact and other marketing automation solutions.

We hope that you find our features and enhancements announcement useful and we thank you for your continued support of our iPaaS solution.

You can also head over to our extensive Help Center for more in-depth articles on our robust features added quarterly.

Be sure to also catch our experts every Wednesday here as we review LIVE, around in-depth integration use cases with our partners and SyncApps experts.

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