Supporting our subscribers during this COVID-19 Health Crisis

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Worldwide uncertainty around the COVID-19 Health Crisis is understandably affecting us all. During this time, we wanted to reach out and update you on how we’re approaching the situation at SyncApps by Cazoomi.

From all our teammates, across the Philippines, our hearts and minds go out to all who are affected by this health crisis. Being a 100% remote Philippines team, for over a decade now, we are continuing our focus on the health and safety of our consultants, families, as we support our integration partners & communities, now more than ever, to continue to deliver the highest levels of service, up-time, and security.

As we go forward, we’re around 24/7, so if you have any questions, need support, or would like to talk, please feel free to visit us here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is SyncApps by Cazoomi Business Continuity Plan?

All our remote teams, based in the Philippines, across SyncApps by Cazoomi have solid plans, per team, based on the nature of any impact upon our online business. We maintain a robust, solid infrastructure on Rackspace, our trusted partner across the SyncApps cloud infrastructure, which adds to our stability and business continuity which we review yearly.

2. Will my SyncApps service be affected in any way?

Nope, you’re all set as our 100% online platform as a service, SyncApps, has not experienced any disruption to our Rackspace Cloud availability due to the COVID-19 Health Crisis. Our SLAs of support in under 2 hours, 24/7, remain in place as we serve our 25,000+ subscribers from all walks of life, in every industry.

3. How can I get updates on COVID-19 from SyncApps by Cazoomi?

Our teams can be reached on all our channels, whether email, social or support. If you have any questions please reach out 24/7 via your preferred channel as our amazing team will be able to assist.