6 Ways Technology Can Help Boost Sales

  • November 23, 2018|
  • 5 minute read
6 ways technology can help boost sales

Have you ever thought of where we would be without technology?

It’s a scary thought, right? Perhaps simply reading it made you hold your smartphone tighter.

Whoever “invented” technology should be given a pay rise! I am just saying.

Technology has enabled us to accomplish so many things in our daily lives.

Take our social wellbeing, for example. Technology has enabled us to stay connected with our friends and family despite the geographical distance. Is that cool or what?

Almost everything we use, whether at home or at work, is technology-driven.

This tidal wave of technology has also disrupted the business environment as we know it.

Businesses have realized that, if utilized correctly, technology can help boost sales.

For most businesses, technology is not just about production and quality, it is now about revenue growth.

And we all know you can’t grow a business without sales. So how can you incorporate technology to accelerate sales?

Here are six easy ways technology can help boost your sales.

1. Social Media

In the social media world, ‘people buy from people.’ The relationships you create with your customers online can break or make your company. Focus on building relationships and connecting with customers before pitching ideas to them.

When the connection is established, it becomes so much easier to pitch sales. Once this rapport has been built, customers will become loyal to your brand. Loyalty will lead to customers, repeat business, and eventually a large following that increases traffic to your website.

2. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows businesses to move their operations to third-party servers they can access through the internet from anywhere in the world. The flexible data packages available, rapid mobility, and on-demand expansion allow businesses to operate without fear of crashes, downtime, or permanent data loss.

Oracle CEO, Mark Hudson predicts that “80 percent of corporate data centers will be gone by 2025.” Companies are now offering their sales team 24/7 access regardless of their location. Having to manually set permissions or send emails slows productivity is cumbersome and wastes time.

Cloud computing reduces business operating costs, makes the sales team efficient and agile, thus improving sales.

3. Solid CRM Software

A good CRM increases sales by helping the sales team identify new opportunities. It helps them build a relationship with potential clients throughout the sales funnel.

A good CRM system allows the sales team to track, organize, and manage customer activities, information, and conversations. It also offers insight into points of improvement, forecasting, product scheduling, and purchasing. Better yet, it provides accurate information that helps companies understand their customers and deliver the right message to them at the right time.

Integrating your CRM solution with other websites/automation software can help bring in more customer information. For example, a CRM like Salesforce can be integrated with Constant Contact, MailChimp, NetSuite and many more.

These integrations help your sales team get notified when prospective clients perform certain actions on your website. They can then follow up with these potential customers with targeted emails or marketing messages depending on when they visited the site, what product or service they looked at, and what other information they requested. This builds a relationship throughout the customer sales funnel, which leads to increased sales.

4. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

A sales rep is required to make numerous phone calls, send emails, set up meetings, research competitors, follow up on old prospects, build quotes, and so much more. However, they can only be as productive as the time spent selling. The bulk of administrative work they have to perform keeps them from doing what they are actually paid to do — sell!

So how does A.I. help the sales guys? Well, the A.I. administrator ensures that your sales reps spend more time selling by automating administrative tasks. This keeps the sales team focused.

5. Chatbots

Chatbots are all about proactive communication. You don’t just wait for potential customers to contact you. No. Chatbots greet visitors and potential customers with a message of your choice.

This is an easy way to open up communication and establish a relationship with the potential client. The chatbot then guides them through the next steps in their buying journey by helping them visit pages/sites they are likely to convert. It also helps return customers find answers right away.

6. Automated Emails

Different email platforms are now increasingly being used to send pitches, newsletters, and email follow-ups to clients. This is an extremely effective method. Over 70% of consumer purchases are based on an email they received.

A CRM system can be used to create a sequence of emails to send to clients over time and guide them through the buying process. It also used to collect valuable data that can guide you to tailor emails sent. This ensures high returns on investment.

The key to succeeding in today’s business world is to embrace technology and not be left behind. Adopting technology means helping the sales team stay connected with their customers, become more efficient, build brand reputation and identity, and grow a loyal customer base.