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Will We See You at the Sundance Festival this Year? (+ Why We Got There Just in Time)
  • January 30, 2021|
  • 3 minute read

Got your tickets for this year’s Sundance Festival? If not, hurry up, there’s still time to catch some amazing film premieres or to check out the artist lounge.

This year’s edition is a bit different — it all happens online, but this doesn’t mean that you should miss it. Truth be told, we almost missed it ourselves. However, the amazing email campaigns from Sundance helped us get tickets in time.

We may be biased, as Sundance is one of our subscribers, but we love their marketing approach just as much as we love the festival itself. Their emails are perfectly targeted and they come with all the information you may need, plus, of course, a few interesting bits from backstage.

In all honesty, we are not film experts. Yes, we love good movies and most of our team will spend this weekend at Sundance. But we wouldn’t leap to criticizing the films of this year.

We are, however, integration and marketing experts, so we can tell you a few things about why Sundance’s campaigns are so spot-on, even in challenging times for the film industry.

Mailchimp + NetSuite = the Perfect Communication for the Aficionados of all Movie Genres

Sundance uses the Mailchimp for NetSuite integration by SyncApps to create their perfectly targeted email campaigns. NetSuite and Mailchimp are both great solutions, but manually importing data from one to another is a nightmare…and not even an artistic one worthy of a film noir.

But when you put them together with seamless integration, amazing things can happen. And they all happen incredibly easy.

For instance, Sundance uses the NetSuite Subscriptions feature to allow subscribers to update the type of communication they want from Sundance’s Mailchimp offers via the Update Profile form. This way, they make sure that all their subscribers only get relevant emails.

NetSuite Subscriptions

Furthermore, the custom unsubscribe feature allows Mailchimp to communicate with NetSuite via a custom field rather than the Global Subscription Status on the NetSuite records.

Custom Unsubscribe Feature

What does this mean for the Sundance marketers? Well, it helps them NOT lose subscribers. When someone unsubscribes from one list, there is a real danger to delete them from all the lists. This way, you’d lose a potential customer. It’s something that happens all too often when marketers rely on more than one solution and when those solutions aren’t integrated with each other.

It doesn’t happen to the Sundance marketers, though. Through our integration, when a subscriber unsubscribes from a single list, they remain in the Sundance database and keep receiving emails on the topics they are interested in.

For Sundance, this makes it easy to keep their members closer. For the members, this solution ensures that they don’t get emails on topics they are not interested in. For us, it means two things: we’re super proud because we help an amazing nonprofit further its mission and, on a personal level, we get amazing emails and reminders for one of the best film festivals right on time.

See you at Sundance! We’ll be in the first (virtual) row!

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