Ann Lewis from Qsource explains how Automation Empowers their Nonprofit Success

See how Ann Lewis, from Qsource, uses Constant Contact for Salesforce integration for their Nonprofit organization’s success. Get Automated: Constant Contact for Salesforce


After a long day, the last thing anyone wants to do is manual data import/export tasks. Integration is not for everyone, BUT it is for everyone that wants it today, for Free.

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0:00 – 1:20 Intro

1:20 – 3:11 Success Story

3:11 – 4:57 Nonprofit’s Industry Experience

4:57 – 6:01 Managing Monthly Target

6:01 – 7:35 How does the Pandemic affects the Nonprofits Organization

7:35 – 9:15 How long have you been using Integration Solution?

9:15 – 13:05 How did these gain more leads?

13:05 – 14:35 How much time did you save using SyncApps Automation?

14:35 -15:54 What benefit did you get from using Email Marketing tools?

15:54 – 19:27 How does SyncApps play a major role in your Organization?

19:27 – 20:40 Outro



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