Keeping your Email Marketing Lists fresh and updated according to your CRM, eCommerce or other core systems is considered highly critical for any business marketing efforts. Updating, adding/removing and deleting unnecessary information is one thing to keep in mind. With our Full Sync feature, SyncApps will automatically clean up your list from those deleted or…..

Customizing subscribers’ integration according to their requirements has been a big priority with SyncApps over the last few years as marketing automation solutions have taken flight. We understand the need to select specific records by setting up specific criteria. This is where our Filtering and Segmentation feature comes in very handy. Saving you tons of…..

Today’s business world is almost unimaginable without the myriad of cloud apps that make working easier. Could you imagine keeping your books on paper or in Excel? However, with the numerous apps available comes a new problem: the risk of losing sight of (or losing altogether) important data that is scattered across apps. This is…..

Custom Field Mapping SyncApps syncs basic default pre-mapped fields such as First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Company Name, Phone, and Address. Custom field mapping allows you to sync custom form fields over from your Salesforce CRM to your Constant Contact marketing automation. This will map a custom field(s) in Salesforce via SyncApps over to…..

SyncApps Add-Ons Adding a feature to your Free integration plan for Constant Contact or our paid plans, can make your integration tasks easier and super simple. For only $9.99 per Add-On, you customize your integration depending on your needs with SyncApps! Major Add-Ons Campaign Response Sync With this Add-On, you can sync an unlimited number…..

Following the success of our Walkthrough Wednesdays Series launch starting with Salesforce to Constant Contact integration, we have continued with a brand new Walkthrough Wednesdays Series with the topic: Syncing Campaign Responses from Constant Contact to Salesforce. Constant Contact to Salesforce Integration Starting the series with one of our top integrations for Small Business to…..

We’re excited to share our brand new featured integrations series that will first bring Constant Contact for Salesforce into focus for SyncApps! Constant Contact for Salesforce Constant Contact for Salesforce is a key integration that we have been integrating for 1,000s of Constant Contact fans for nearly a decade, empowering their marketing teams to move…..

After supporting the Constant Contact for Salesforce integration, Constant Contact has officially announced that they’re deprecating their Integration effective this July 11. In line with this, be sure to join us in our Webinar Series on our best practices for integrating Constant Contact with Salesforce! Engage your prospects, clients, and partners in real-time with Constant…..