Are your to-do lists getting out of hand? Are you always complaining and can’t seem to understand why you have too much on your plate throughout the day? Don’t you just hate that feeling? Of course, you do! And you are not alone. According to the Huffington Post, over 40 percent of daily to-do lists…..

C Integrated systems are beneficial to businesses. There’s no denying that. They make it easy to store, manage, access, and update information. This is the main reason why integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is among the most common digital transformation tools today. But have you heard the misconceptions about iPaaS? Why does it matter…..
Digitalization plays a crucial role in the success of any business. It’s no longer a hype. You have to speak digital, or you will get left behind by your competitors and, more importantly, by your customers. But when it comes to cloud integration solutions, a lot of business owners are still in the dark. If…..

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) is mostly used by enterprises that want to integrate data and on-premise applications with data and cloud applications. It’s a set of tools automated to connect software applications deployed in different environments. In simple terms, an iPaaS is a service cloud integration platform that enables connectivity to SaaS and…..

The marketing department plays a crucial role in the growth and ROI of a business. Thus, departmental productivity impacts the overall functioning of the company. Various factors hamper employee productivity ranging from their work environment to lack of inspiration or just outright boredom. The situation is always pretty much the same across departments. However, marketers…..

Digital marketing has evolved over the years. There’s no denying that. But let’s think back to what brought to a point where customers need seamless app integration. It all started with meeting customers where they liked to ‘hang out,’ whether offline or online. Email, social media, apps are just a few of these channels. Soon…..

MINDBODY dominates the industry with 75% of the current market share in the salon, spa, and fitness software market. It is a fast-growing SaaS business management solution for both beauty and wellness worldwide. MINDBODY is excellent for the basics, and it’s easy to use for consumers. However, for business owners, marketers, and sales teams, the software lacks the automation and integrations needed to scale. And, even with the fast-growing nature of MINDBODY, it’s not the only software…

Hello SyncApps Community! As a growing integration company, we thrive to provide our subscribers the most up-to-date and robust integration software for their business’ needs. Which is why, our team have come up with a SyncApps Features Announcement where we will be collecting our newly added features and enhancements every quarter and placing them in…..

workers using business integrations to improve their workflow

Business integrations are changing the way that small to medium-size businesses are able to operate. You can synchronize more information with business objectives so that technology is aligned more effectively with your business strategy and goals. Understanding some of the latest trends of how IT is becoming a major function of business integrations will help…..