G2 Crowd has been really enhancing their product comparison results with data pooled from real-user satisfaction ratings.  Following the release of G2 Crowd’s iPaaS Product Comparison for Winter 2018 between SyncApps and Informatica Cloud, they now recently released another iPaaS Product Comparison for Spring 2018 between SyncApps and MuleSoft. MuleSoft started in 2006 as a…..

Are you looking for an effective, efficient and hassle-free data integration solution for MailChimp for Salesforce? And have it integrate bi-directionally?   SyncApps is the best solution on the market today as shown by G2 Crowd subscribers unbiased reviews!  Get the SyncApps advantage with MailChimp for Salesforce Integration! SyncApps’ integration with MailChimp for Salesforce has been…..

SyncApps is an integration platform that provides a centralized console for easy managing and integrating of data between all your Cloud, On-Premise, or Plug-in applications.  With our easy to use interface and data integration solutions, we excel in the Integration platforms as a service (iPaaS) category. G2 Crowd has recently released its User Satisfaction Ratings…..

Hello SyncApps Community! It’s that time of year again, it’s time for our Quarterly Features Announcement for Q4 2017! To reiterate, as I have mentioned a number of months ago in a post about our New SyncApps Features Update, I will be collecting SyncApps’ new features and enhancements for every quarter and placing them in…..

For the past 7+ years, Cazoomi has continually strived in growing our subscriber base as a software as a service company.  Over the past year, Cazoomi has grown bigger than ever.  With our growing number of staff and subscriber base, 2017 has been both a challenging and awesome year for us dealing with our growth……

Startup Weekend Bohol

Startup Weekend Bohol Tourism Edition was the first-ever themed Startup Weekend in the Philippines.  The event was held last September 29 to October 1, 2017, at Bohol Bee Farm.  The 54-hour event was themed “Tourism,” primarily focused on the convergence of technology and innovations created for the tourist industry in Bohol.  In like manner, all…..

Hello SyncApps Community! Here at SyncApps, we want to ensure that our clients have the most up to date and supported integration software for their business needs.  As previously highlighted in our blog about our New SyncApps Features Update, I will be collecting our key SyncApps’ new features and enhancements, placing them in a single…..

Cazoomi Wellness

Cazoomi Asia launched our corporate wellness program for our team earlier this year and this month our members tested their stamina through Zumba Dance.  Our wellness program has really gained momentum after our fitness activity at the 15k Nite Trail Run in Mapawa last month.  The activity really hammered home the importance of being fit…..

Most companies use two or more software solutions to manage business operations.  All these companies need to transfer data between solutions in order to ensure that they have a single source of truth.  Companies that have invested in IT personnel and infrastructure tend to use FTP transfers, automated export/import, data warehouses, etc.  All these options…..