MINDBODY dominates the industry with 75% of the current market share in the salon, spa, and fitness software market. It is a fast-growing SaaS business management solution for both beauty and wellness worldwide. MINDBODY is excellent for the basics, and it’s easy to use for consumers. However, for business owners, marketers, and sales teams, the software lacks the automation and integrations needed to scale. And, even with the fast-growing nature of MINDBODY, it’s not the only software…

Hello SyncApps Community! As a growing integration company, we thrive to provide our subscribers the most up-to-date and robust integration software for their business’ needs. Which is why, our team have come up with a SyncApps Features Announcement where we will be collecting our newly added features and enhancements every quarter and placing them in…..

workers using business integrations to improve their workflow

Business integrations are changing the way that small to medium-size businesses are able to operate. You can synchronize more information with business objectives so that technology is aligned more effectively with your business strategy and goals. Understanding some of the latest trends of how IT is becoming a major function of business integrations will help…..

Today’s business world is almost unimaginable without the myriad of cloud apps that make working easier. Could you imagine keeping your books on paper or in Excel? However, with the numerous apps available comes a new problem: the risk of losing sight of (or losing altogether) important data that is scattered across apps. This is…..

After supporting the Constant Contact for Salesforce integration, Constant Contact has officially announced that they’re deprecating their Integration effective this July 11. In line with this, be sure to join us in our Webinar Series on our best practices for integrating Constant Contact with Salesforce! Engage your prospects, clients, and partners in real-time with Constant…..

iPaaS Subscriber Zensah is based in South Florida and was founded in 2004. Based on the Italian word “senza,” meaning “to be without,” Zensah was created to help athletes at all levels improve their performance by utilizing unique, seamless sportswear designed to enhance performance and speed recovery. The company’s innovative seamless design consists of a…..

Hello SyncApps Community! At SyncApps, we strive to make sure our subscribers get the most up-to-date and robust integration software for their business needs. To reiterate, as I have mentioned last year in a post about our New Features Announcement, I will be collecting SyncApps’ new features and enhancements for every quarter and placing them…..

G2 Crowd, a business solution reviews platform, released an Implementation Index rated by real subscribers, and SyncApps attained one of the highest ranks as one of the most implementable Cloud Data Integration Software. Implementation score is obtained by several factors in real-subscriber satisfaction ratings such as ease of setup, implementation time, subscriber adoption, and other…..