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The internet as we know it is rapidly changing how we do business. These changes have, to some extent, been occasioned by the ever-evolving consumer preferences. And as consumer needs keep on shifting, businesses are also readjusting the way they approach customers, all in the name of remaining relevant and competitive. Quality of service, convenience,…..

Are you tired of wasting a whopping two hours every week handling data issues on your different systems? Unfortunately, with such problems, you deny sales and other crucial activities the attention they so rightly deserve. Here at Cazoomi, we’re all about making sure you have the time for what really matters in your business —…..

Before CRM became a big deal, companies were struggling with how to improve their interaction with their customers. Business owners tried all sorts of things in an effort to their business relationships with their target audience. The results were not that impressive, however. Then came CRM – an interesting, industry-changing concept that forever revolutionized how…..

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