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Most governments have adopted digital technologies to improve citizen experience. They are now using data to formulate policies, budgets, business processes, and programs. State agencies are moving towards collaboration and greater connectivity through system integration. The demand for integration is on the rise, and the market is set to reach $582.5 billion by 2025. Data…..

Citizens’ demands have increased over the years, and government institutions are working hard to meet them. They have invested in different software to resolve citizen problems better, improve efficiencies, and improve experiences. Over the years, the institutions invested in customer relationship management systems, accounting software, business process management software, and many others. But something else…..

Integrating applications helps government institutions leverage data from all their solutions in order to make data-driven decisions. Eliminating silos in government helps departments share data and collaborate. Collaborations lead to reduced data errors, greater efficiencies, reduced time spent on manual entry, and better management of duplicate data. Briefly put, integration helps them do more with…..

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