For real estate agents, the difference between losing a customer and signing a contract depends on having the right information. In other words, on knowing exactly what the customer wants and the precise specs of all the properties in their database. However, finding and digesting that information can be extremely time-consuming. This is where technology…..

With so many email service providers (ESPs) available in the market, choosing one can be a nightmare. Every ESP is seeking your attention. Everyone is dangling their bells and whistles hoping to grab your attention. This makes it more difficult to choose the perfect fit for your company. To help you choose the perfect fit,…..

A customer success strategy is essential for every business that strives for growth. But what is customer success, you ask? It is a professionally and scientifically engineered strategy designed to increase the customer lifetime value. The approach focuses on nurturing good relations with customers to make the business successful and ultimately lead to growth. As…..

E-commerce marketing has gained popularity over the years with sales expected to hit a staggering $4.5 trillion by 2021. One of the most popular eCommerce trends that have catapulted businesses to unimaginable heights is email marketing. Marketers across all industries pretty much agree that email marketing delivers an excellent return on investment Did you know…..

Hello SyncApps Community! As we are nearing the end of 2018, we are wrapping up in rolling out our features and enhancements left in our development queue. We always aim to provide our subscribers the most up-to-date and powerful integration platform for their business’ needs. For Q3 of 2018, we have rolled out a wide variety…..

Have you ever thought of where we would be without technology? It’s a scary thought, right? Perhaps simply reading it made you hold your smartphone tighter. Whoever “invented” technology should be given a pay rise! I am just saying. Technology has enabled us to accomplish so many things in our daily lives. Take our social…..

There are no industries that haven’t been touched by technology. To some of them, technology meant a rebirth and a possibility for unprecedented growth. Fitness centers fall into this category. Thanks to technological advancements, top fitness centers now have efficient processes that, among other things, help them provide top-notch customer experience. The way fitness companies…..

When the term eCommerce first appeared, it was viewed as a game-changer. It was said to revolutionize the world of commerce –and it did. Can you imagine not being able to buy goods and services online? Well, very few people can. As it continues to gain popularity around the world, eCommerce has proved to be…..

Consumers visit various websites in an attempt to find a product that not only suits their needs but one that solves their problem. When visitors input their email address into your newsletter subscription form or to download a white paper, they become a lead. You know they are interested in your products or services because…..