Mailchimp Audiences, Groups, and Tags bidirectional integration for Salesforce

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Salesforce to Mailchimp Integration how it works and what to expect.

Supported “Built on Salesforce” software: PatronManager, Raiser’s Edge, Apto, Propertybase and Navatar. Nonprofit Success Pack™ (NPSP) also supported.

Engage your prospects, clients, and partners in real-time with email marketing solution Mailchimp to Salesforce integration. Start syncing your data in minutes not months!

Hi! and welcome to SyncApps.

Today we are going to set up Salesforce for Mailchimp integration.

First off, you’ll need to create a Sync Profile
Just press “Sync Profile” then select “Salesforce to Mailchimp” then tap next.

Enter your Salesforce credentials username and password.
To obtain your security token, hover over SyncApps for additional information or go to your Salesforce account go to “settings” select and find “Reset my Security token” at the left panel under “Personal Information” and check your inbox to set your security token.

Select Object Type to Sync, so our goal is to sync contacts from Salesforce to Mailchimp then click next.

Second, Enter Mailchimp credentials.

To obtain your API key, hover over the SyncNotes for more information.

Then, go to your Mailchimp account, and select “Extras” then copy the API code.

For the Mailchimp Main Audience, just copy the list and paste it into SyncApps Master List textbox in Step 2.

As you can see, it has 0 subscribers, so our goal is to sync Contacts from Salesforce to Mailchimp.

Next is our popular Add-Ons to your integration for Mailchimp’s rich features to enable your business to thrive in a data-connected world.

The SyncApps Add-On screen allows you to select those you want and more for each app you connect. Press the Add-Ons you would like to configure and Press Next.

Additional Field Mapping is optional. Basic Contact fields such as email address, contact name, address, company name are already mapped. You can also request to enable static text mapping capability if you’re using MailChimp landing pages and need a page source always mapped to CRM records for easy Segmentation.

Field mapping is next, focusing on Mailchimp & Salesforce which allows you to update existing records or new records with ease. Be sure that after adding a new mapping, please reset your SyncApps so all your data will be re-synced with the new mapping.

Filtering takes CRM records, filters then based on your specified criteria and sync the records into your target application.

Segmentation syncs record from each defined segment into separate lists.

Finally, Sync scheduling can be set up for trials and paid plans. Sync On-Demand is available in all trials to allow quick testing of your software’s integration.

On paid plans, data and list sync occurs within this set schedule you choose. Campaign Response is once a day yet can be enabled real time on our Enterprise plans.

Press continue and press “Sync now” wait until the Sync Process is complete.

Now, all Salesforce contacts are synced to Mailchimp.

To check, just refresh the list page in Mailchimp and verify if the sync is wrapped up.

If you get stuck and need quick help, email us at

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