4 Underused Mailchimp for Salesforce Integration Features that You Should Leverage ASAP
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Put together two of the most popular marketing and sales solutions ever and you’ll get a business powerhouse. Yes, I’m talking about Mailchimp and Salesforce. The integration between them is, as expected, our most sought-after solution.

Remember the days when iPaaS was just basic integration aka being able to see your contacts in more than one software? We do! We were there for that phase and we worked extra hard to get past it.

Today, integration means so much more than one dashboard to rule them all — although this is still a very important benefit. Integration done right can get you a better collaboration between teams, more in-depth targeting, better campaigns, and faster lead conversion.

In a nutshell: R E V E N U E.

You know what I’m talking about: all the metrics we track in our marketing and sales campaigns eventually funnel into a single metric: ROI. Open rates mean nothing if they aren’t followed by sales. 10,000 leads are useless if you can’t convert them.

I’m not saying they are useless. Quite the opposite. All of the other metrics are milestones that help you get to the crown jewel: more revenue. So you have to track them and you have to learn something from them. This is how your campaigns get better every day and this is how your revenue grows.

Want to get more out of your integration and out of the solutions you use? Go beyond the basic use cases of Mailchimp for Salesforce integration.

We are proud to say that some of these features can’t be found in any other integration on the market today. So why not use them to beat your competitors? Here’s how:

Use Salesforce Checkbox Field(s) for Mailchimp Group Segmentation

Why use it?

  • It helps you easily manage unsubscribes.
  • You can stay GDPR-compliant with zero effort.
  • Easily segment customers according to their preferences.
  • Send laser-targeted campaigns.
  • Use Mailchimp’s Journey Builder with zero effort.

Use Salesforce Checkbox Field(s) for Mailchimp Group Segmentation

Here’s how easy it is to implement it:

  • You can create each of your Groups (checkboxes on your Mailchimp form) as checkboxes on the Lead or Contact record in Salesforce then set up in your Sync Profile to match them in Step 1.
  • Each Checkbox field must be named verbatim and spelled correctly to match existing Groups in Mailchimp.

Required additional Add-Ons, if using our Free Plan:

  • List Sync
  • Custom Field Mapping

Note — If this option is selected then please disable the Mailchimp Tag Segmentation Option in Step 2.

Please see the following article for more details.

Need more info on how this feature can help you? Check out this blog post: Salesforce for Mailchimp Checkboxes working to streamline your team’s marketing processes

Need to use Multiple Group Categories on a Mailchimp Audience?

Why use it?

  • To go in-depth with your segmentation.
  • To easily create well-targeted campaigns. For instance, one of your campaigns could only be relevant to a certain group within one of your main audiences. But your monthly newsletter should go out to everyone.
  • To leverage Salesforce data in Mailchimp and vice versa easily.

Need to use Multiple Group Categories on a Mailchimp Audience?

Here’s how easy it is to implement it:

  • List View, Marketing List, or Campaign must be selected in Step 1 under “Sync Campaigns or List Members to Mailchimp Groups” in order to be used in this setting for this feature.
  • To change which Group Category a List View, Marketing List, or Campaign should map to, please check the checkbox after the Mailchimp Group Category name.
  • Next, enter the Mailchimp Group Category you want to use to sync from the List View, Marketing List, or Campaign.

Check out more details here: Mailchimp for Salesforce Campaign Metrics Integration Best Practices

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) Feature: Check Personal, Work, and Alternate Email for New Records Creation from Mailchimp

Why use it?

  • It’s ideal for new record creation from Mailchimp to Salesforce. You can easily check if the email address already exists in Salesforce or if it’s under those record’s non-preferred email addresses like Personal, Work, or Alternate email addresses.
  • Target your leads on the email address they feel most comfortable with.
  • Avoid duplicates and spamming contacts with the same campaign on more than one email address.
  • Keep a clean, neat, database.

Here’s how easy it is to implement it:

If the feature is enabled SyncApps will look at these email fields to see if that newly created record from your Marketing Automation software already exists under those fields:


NPSP Feature: Create Organization Affiliation Only for New Records Creation from Mailchimp

Why use it?

  • It’s ideal for nonprofits that rely heavily on donations from their contacts.
  • You can easily see if the organizational affiliation is relevant to your cause. If a new record created in Mailchimp donated from their own pocket (not with the company/organization) then instead of creating/syncing the Mailchimp’s Company name to the Company name/Account Name/ Organization name in Salesforce NPSP, we will instead create an Affiliation (Household account) for that record instead.
  • Keep track of individual and organizational donors easily.

NPSP Feature: Create Organization Affiliation Only for New Records Creation from Mailchimp

Here’s how easy it is to implement it:

For Merging records (NPSP use-case):

  • For merging records, we will only grab the updates from/to the main record. Whatever is updated from that secondary (merged) record from Salesforce to Mailchimp for vice versa, we will no longer update/touch that one.

Need more information on how to manage donations and nonprofit activity through integration? Check out these blog posts:

Wrapping Things Up

We know — it’s hard to keep up with new developments and new integration features. Things move up very quickly in this field.

However, we don’t want our subscribers missing out on any of the goodies we’re launching. So, if you’re not sure you’re leveraging integration to the fullest, we’ve got two easy solutions to help you get the most of your subscription:

  • Subscribe to our newsletter. This way, you’ll be the first to know when a new integration feature is launched and you won’t have to play catch up with everything we’ve launched over a year or more.
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