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Building Your Own Superhero Team: How to Choose the Best Mailchimp and Salesforce Connector
  • April 26, 2021|
  • 9 minute read

The growth of the iPaaS market has been more than solid for the past few years. No news here — iPaaS or integration is a solution that businesses need and this is reflected in its adoption.

At first, integration was something for the “big guys”, for the companies that had large budgets and were looking for new ways to outdo their competitors — equally large companies. But this couldn’t have spurred such an amazing growth for the integration market.

While most industries were squirming during the pandemic, iPaaS didn’t just survive. It thrived and surpassed all expectations. A report that estimated the global market at US$786.8 Million in 2020, was recently revised to show even more impressive growth — US$1.7 Billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 11.2% over the analysis period 2020-2027.

With increased digitalization, businesses of all sizes started using integration as a means to offer their customers seamless experiences across channels, achieve better targeting and save on man-hours when it was more important — during a crisis.

At Cazoomi, we’ve all seen a huge increase in new subscribers since the pandemic hit. We were happy to be able to become even more faithful to our mission to democratize integration and make it available to everyone, irrespective of the size of the business or the size of the budget.

One of the most sought-after integrations on the SyncApps platform is Mailchimp for Salesforce. No surprises there — both of them are industry leaders in their field, with millions of users worldwide. Here’s why:

Top Reasons Why Small Businesses Love Mailchimp

Back in the day, Mailchimp was an ESP (Email Service Provider). You could use their solution to send and track your emails.

Over time, the platform evolved into a complex marketing automation solution that can help you manage almost every aspect of your business:

  • Website launch: yes, you can even create your website on Mailchimp.
  • Landing pages: don’t need an entire website? You can just create landing pages to match your email campaigns to a T.
  • Email delivery: the core function of Mailchimp is getting stronger every day.
  • Marketing insights: track, measure and analyze every metric you can think of in a single dashboard.
  • Split-test your campaigns: because you know that A/B testing is at the core of every successful campaign.
  • Set up auto-responders: put your marketing and lead nurturing on auto-pilot.
  • Scalability: Mailchimp grows along with your business
  • Start for free: what better way to nurture small businesses? If you have a small contact list, you can use Mailchimp absolutely free.

All of the above are just the tip of the iceberg. Mailchimp has SO many features and SO many benefits that it would take dozens of pages to list them all. If you need more reasons why SMEs love this solution, you can check them out on the Mailchimp website.

Speaking of complex solutions, let’s take a look into the absolute market leader on…pretty much everything.

Why Do Small Businesses Love Salesforce

Salesforce is the world’s number one CRM. But unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that in its 20+ years on the market it has evolved into so much more. This is why businesses of all sizes always start their quest to find the right automation solution with Salesforce:

  • A powerful tool for lead generation, nurturing, and conversion. Plus: financial dashboard, sales, marketing, social media, analytics, support, and so much more. Yes, it’s a powerhouse!
  • AI-powered CRM. Salesforce is the standard for CRM. In fact, CRM is the symbol for their New York Stock Exchange ticker!
  • Unparalleled data-driven insights.
  • Scalability: Salesforce’s pricing model is quite unique, divided by its four editions. So you can start automating your business one department at a time and then grow your subscription plan as your company grows.
  • Constant innovation and improvement: the XaaS business model is not the one-and-done kind. In this industry, you have to innovate and improve your solution constantly. There’s no better example of the agility required in this industry than Salesforce. There are Salesforce experts and consultants who leave and breathe this solution and even they have a hard time keeping up with all of the updates and new features.

Need more reasons why SMEs love Salesforce? Try the Salesforce website, but be ready for a lengthy research session.

You’ve got two extra-powerful solutions, why would you need an iPaaS connector on top of that? Good question!

Let’s take a look at the answer.

Why Should You Connect Mailchimp with Salesforce?

Iron Man is pretty cool, right? I mean, extremely cool and powerful — he’s a superhero, after all. What’s better than having Iron Man in your corner?

Having Thor, too! Or Black Widow. Or Hulk. You get where I’m going with this, right?

Better yet, if you get Iron Man and Thor to work together toward a common goal you’ve got very few chances to mess it up.

It’s the same for Salesforce and Mailchimp. They’re super cool on their own but when you get them working together they become invincible, just like an Avengers duo.

Just to be clear, Salesforce and Mailchimp are NOT able to fire rays at your competitors or smash them with a huge hammer — they are a different breed of superheroes. But they come pretty close.

When you integrate Salesforce and Mailchimp, you get to:

  • Sync Mailchimp subscribers and Salesforce leads across platforms.
  • Manage contacts and leads seamlessly.
  • Create a bridge between marketing and sales and an easier flow of information between departments.
  • Update Salesforce contacts and leads with Mailchimp campaign activity, so your sales team can better understand how their leads are engaging with marketing—right within their CRM.
  • Target your Salesforce leads with all the weapons in the Mailchimp arsenal, including emails, landing pages, postcards, and more.
  • Display data from Mailchimp in Salesforce and vice versa.
  • Save dozens of hours of manual data migration every month.
  • Avoid human mistakes when manually migrating data.
  • Get combined insights from the two platforms for better, more successful campaigns.

What else can you do with Mailchimp for Salesforce integration? That’s just like asking what you could do with the Iron Man – Thor team. The answer can be only one: pretty much anything.

So yes, you need to integrate them. The Mailchimp for Salesforce integration market is anything but lacking in options.

So let’s see how you can choose the right one.

How to Choose the Right Mailchimp for Salesforce Connector

The first stop when shopping for integrations is the native ones. It’s perfectly understandable why: you’d think that the ones who created the solutions themselves know how to create the best integrations for them.

That’s partially true. But bear in mind that the people who create the “native” integrations only know one of the solutions inside and out. Plus, they are free integrations.

Sounds enticing? Of course, free is always great. But think again: native integrations are an add-on for those who create them. They don’t make any money out of them, so it’s only natural that they don’t assign their best teams to work on them.

More importantly, since native integrations don’t bring any income, the updates are always lagging behind, so you’ll rarely be able to enjoy all the features of Salesforce or Mailchimp. It’s like having Iron Man in your corner, but with both hands tied behind his back.

Lastly, native integrations are buggy, and patches are released very seldom. Queue frustration and the decision to forego integration altogether. Or to look elsewhere.

So the first thing you need to do when shopping around for a Mailchimp to Salesforce connector is to avoid the native ones. Work with a company that makes a living from iPaaS solutions. This way, you’ll know that they are constantly updated and improved upon and you won’t have to face annoying bugs. If you do stumble, you’ll always have a support team to help you.

Of course, not all non-native integration options are created equal. So we advise you to take a look at the integrator’s portfolio. Do they cater to your industry? You can check the industries SyncApps serves here.

Lastly, the price. You should never pay $500+ for integration with basic features. Remember what we said above about the democratization of integration? Today, iPaaS is available to anyone. Oftentimes, you’ll find it is more affordable than the subscriptions to the solutions themselves.

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the SyncApps pricing. The $0 plan is NOT a free trial — it’s $0 forever because it offers basic integration for companies that are just getting started.

Plus, we offer a lot of other discounts and bundle deals, like the 50% discount for nonprofits, irrespective of the plan they choose. Integration is a common good, not a privilege!

Don’t get me wrong — pricing should never be the only factor in choosing an integration provider. You’ve got plenty of other reasons to choose SyncApps as the integration solution for Mailchimp and Salesforce.

Why Choose Mailchimp for Salesforce Integration by SyncApps?

Here’s a quick overview of what the SyncApps Mailchimp for Salesforce integration offers.

  • Sync 1 – 1,000,000+ records such as Contacts, Leads, and Accounts between Salesforce and Mailchimp
  • Sync 1 – 1,000,000+ Opt-Outs to and from Mailchimp which is automatically managed by SyncApps between Salesforce records
  • Sync 1 or 1,000,000+ Salesforce Campaigns/Marketing List/List Views sync for Mailchimp Audience segmentation
  • Sync 1 – 1,000,000+ Campaign metrics such as opens, clicks, bounces, links clicked from Mailchimp back to Salesforce
  • Sync on Demand included for easy testing of your integration scenarios
  • Scheduling of a Sync Profile is available on Free Trial and Paid plans (Step 6)

This is just a quick preview of what our subscribers enjoy. The SyncApps integration offers features that you will never find in other integrations on the market. Ask us about them. All at affordable prices and with 24/7 support — yes, even for the FREE plan. Told you we don’t discriminate and that we’ve got everyone’s back, just like the Avengers :).

How it Works:

Want to know more about how the Mailchimp for Salesforce integration can help you meet your business goals and put your sales and marketing on autopilot? Sign up for SyncApps! It’s 100% FREE. We won’t even ask for your credit card number!

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