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How Drip and NetSuite Work Well to Help You Run Your eCommerce Business
  • October 02, 2018|
  • 6 minute read

Drip and NetSuite

Today’s businesses are investing more in their online presence than in any other medium.

This has mostly been driven by an increase in eCommerce sales and a need to chase customers in the environment they spend most of their time in – the internet.

However, this strategy can be challenging and can add a lot of pressure to business operations.

At the most basic level, an increase in the number of orders a business receives online means keeping track of more inventory. Plus, there are shipping orders, reviews, emailing and so many other components of an eCommerce business that have to work well together.

Businesses need to be on top of critical functions such as processing more and more orders as well as making sure that shipping and tracking information is correct.

If this fails, then customers will suffer. When customers suffer, your business suffers, too.

Being online is simply not enough. The larger an online community becomes, the harder it is to please.

For example, your product descriptions must not only be detailed and consistent, but they also need to be linked to your inventory and their availability must be updated in real time.

You should also be able to deliver in less than two days with the customer being able to track their order(s) status and movement after purchase.

Fail to deliver all these (and more) and the customer will not only leave you but also speak about their bad experience on social media and other platforms.

Retailers have to ensure that they deliver an awesome customer experience.

If a customer interacts well with your product, then they are likely to buy from you again and tell their friends about their awesome experience with your product. It’s no longer just about the price, it’s about providing the best experience money can buy.

In fact, 86 percent of consumers will pay more if it means a better customer experience.

How can you be expected to stay on top of all this?

This is where the integration of NetSuite and Drip comes into play.

How a NetSuite and Drip Integration Helps You Run Your eCommerce Business Seamlessly

Integration ensures that you deliver a uniform experience to customers across all your online channels. It also ensures that you have consistent data, that your processes are automated, and that you get timely data delivery.

With integration, you no longer need to enter data manually on spreadsheets when managing your retail operations. Your data sources will deliver timely and accurate information that your team can work on immediately.

NetSuite ensures that all the information is centralized from all your systems. You can control your operations from one place. This ensures that you deliver accurate information to the sales and marketing team. No more forgotten sales and obsolete marketing tactics.

With correct information, you know when to move your inventory to a certain location, when products need marking down, and how to market in your different sales regions.

You no longer have to enter data from a system to another. The biggest benefit here is that there is little chance of human errors messing up your databases.

Furthermore, your customers get a better experience with accurate inventory displayed on your site, product information that is consistent. They can order and get their products delivered quickly and transparently.

NetSuite allows you to run your company from the cloud while delivering an enterprise-class experience to customers. You operate more efficiently, profitably, and quickly.

And that’s just the beginning. Let’s take a look at what Drip can do for your eCommerce business.

According to Rob Walling, Drip CEO, “The low-hanging fruits in e-commerce email automation are cart abandonment and customer segmentation. With more than two-thirds of carts being abandoned on average, re-capturing even a small percentage of those results can result in substantial ROI. With customer segmentation, imagine that at any time you could pull up and email all customers who purchased more than sixty days ago and bought X product. The power of being able to offer a coupon or recommendation for a complementary product is insanely powerful.”

Drip is an E-CRM or eCommerce CRM that brings along with it plenty of benefits to your marketing campaigns. It’s an email automation tool that can integrate with e-commerce payment processors including Shopify, Stripe, WooCommerce, PayPal and so many others.

It also integrates with eCommerce platforms like Facebook Lead Ads, Sumo, Lead Pages and more.

Drip allows you to build complex automation from the visual email workflow builder based on products your clients have purchased. The Drip workflow tool allows you to build marketing funnels that go beyond before and after purchase. Your teams are also able to import and share prebuilt automation using 1 click.

You can also see a customer’s purchase intent based on how they engaged with your marketing. You can segment subscribers using their engagement with your products.

Drip can tailor audiences based on actions the customer takes. For example, which email they opened, what product they bought, and which one(s) they didn’t buy. Drip can then add or remove the customer from subscription emails.

Once a customer enters their contact information, drip allows you to send automated messages and gives you a whole new insight into your new lead.

NetSuite allows your business to automate operations, streamline processes and access real-time business information at any time and from anywhere.

Drip gives you access to a state-of-the-art email marketing automation solution. This allows you to shorten your sales cycle and qualify leads.

Think about the potential that integrating these two tools can bring.

The insights from NetSuite can be immediately turned into high-converting marketing campaigns. Got a new product in stock? You can instantly email all your leads that are interested in it.

Did you just get your stocks replenished for a bestseller? Why wait until someone has the time to write the email for its regular buyers? You can schedule an email update to go out as soon as the new stock arrives.

Ran out of a product? Forget about spending ages updating your website or, worse, forgetting to do so and having to announce everyone who ordered it that they can’t really have it.

SyncApps can take care of all that and so much more.

Need more use cases on how Drip to NetSuite integration can soar your eCommerce business? We are just a click or a phone call away!


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