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Mailchimp to Salesforce: Capturing Hard Bounce Metrics through Integration
  • November 08, 2019|
  • 2 minute read
Mailchimp to Salesforce: Capturing Hard Bounce Metrics through Integration

Let’s talk a little about hard bounces.

In email marketing, a hard bounce occurs when an email returns an error message to the sender because the recipient of the email has an invalid address. Invalid addresses can be because the domain name is invalid or misspelled, or the recipient’s address is unknown or unregistered.

Measuring hard bounces is one of the metrics that help gauge the effectivity of an email marketing campaign, which is why many CRMs like Mailchimp track it.

For our subscribers wondering if hard bounce metrics can be integrated, specifically for Salesforce, then we have good news: the answer is a resounding yes.

How do you set this up through your Sync Profile?

Syncing Mailchimp Hard Bounces to Salesforce

In the screenshot above, you can see in Step 4 of your Sync Profile the Enable Additional Field Mappings feature. You must have this feature checked or enabled for the mapping fields to be exposed.

When you’ve enabled the feature, select Hard Bounce from the dropdown menu under the field, and then set “Mailchimp Hard Bounce *” as your Mailchimp field. Make sure that the mapping direction is “Mailchimp to Salesforce”. Tap the “Add mapping” button to add the new mapped fields and lastly, hit the Save button to save the settings.

Be sure and check out our Help Center article on syncing hard bounces from Mailchimp to Salesforce for more details.

Mailchimp to Salesforce Capturing Hard Bounce Metrics through Integration

Lastly, tap the Reset Sync Process and Sync Now button, and you’re set! Your hard bounce metrics will be synced over to Salesforce the next time you run the integration.

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