Make the Most Out of Mailchimp Contact Rating by Syncing it to Your CRM
By John Manere in Blog Blog | 3 minute read

What is Contact Rating in Mailchimp and why should you care? Well, do you care about having a profitable email list? If so, then you should also care about Mailchimp Contact Rating.

Briefly put, this feature uses a 16-point scale to rate contacts in your email list. Contact Rating measures the numbers of email opens and that of clicks and other types of engagement and weighs them against your email sending frequency. Don’t worry — your subscribers can’t see this.

The result is a rating system that gives you an idea about which subscribers are most active and which are almost completely inactive. What does this have to do with profitability?

Glad you asked!

You can use this system for a variety of purposes:

  • Rewarding engage subscribers (with an extra discount code, for instance).
  • Re-engage moderately active subscribers (with an offer they can’t refuse, for example).
  • Remove non-engaged subscribers. Why spam them with something they are obviously not interested in?
  • Segment your list according to engagement levels.

While Mailchimp’s Contact Rating system is a great tool to help you increase the profitability of your list, it’s efficiency can be diminished when you use Mailchimp with another sales/marketing automation solution.

Let’s say you use both Mailchimp and NetSuite. How can you take advantage of Mailchimp’s rating system in NetSuite? Should you manually tag NetSuite entries?

Absolutely not!

There’s always a better way when it comes to marketing automation.

Mailchimp Contact Rating Can Be Automatically Integrated into Your CRM

Don’t believe me?

Check out World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), a well-known nonprofit that runs on SyncApps.


WWF uses Mailchimp for NetSuite integration. They have no less than 11 thousand email addresses rated 4 to 5 stars in their system.

Why would you waste such an opportunity to keep in touch with your most valued stakeholders? This is why WWF wanted to map and sync back the Mailchimp contact ratings to sync to a custom field on NetSuite.

They wrote a message to our customer support department asking about this feature. Of course, we obliged. Since we know this is something a lot of our subscribers are interested in, we thought we’d shine some light on how you can sync Mailchimp’s Contact Rating system into your CRM.

Here’s how SyncApps made it easier:

If you want this 5-star rating system synced to your CRM:

WWF 5 rating

Just head to Step 4 of the Sync Profile, then map the ContactMember Rating from Mailchimp to your CRM / Financials Software.

Mailchimp Contact Rating

And now it will sync back to your CRM records.

5 start rating in mailchimp

Note: If you use NetSuite, make sure your role permission is all set so you will not encounter any errors. Read more here.

Ready to try it? Sign up to SyncApps for free and see for yourself how easy it is to make the most of Mailchimp’s Contact Rating System.

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