Nonprofit Marketing Done Right: Syncing Mailchimp Custom Unsubscribes to Salesforce
By Angie Abratiguin in Blog Blog | 4 minute read

Our Mailchimp for Salesforce integration is one of the most popular ones on the SyncApps by Cazoomi platform. And we know exactly why!

It’s all about flexibility and granting our awesome subscribers with the opportunity to really customize their marketing and sales funnels.

More importantly, the SyncApps by Cazoomi integration comes with features that you’ll find nowhere else. No, not even in the native integration by Mailchimp.

We’ve talked about this at length, advising our readers to steer clear of native integrations. They are not Salesforce’s or Mailchimp’s main products. They are usually free, but they are also clunky, obsolete, rarely updated to add the new features in either platform and so on.

If budget is an issue, why not jump on one of our FREE plans? Since iPaaS is our bread and butter, all our integrations are designed to make your life easier.

Take syncing Mailchimp custom unsubscribes to Salesforce, for instance. A lot of our subscribers jumped on board just because of it. Some of them needed it because they didn’t have their Email Opt Out field managed by the integration. This meant they weren’t allowed to send emails from Salesforce.

Others had implemented a custom solution for a nonprofit they were helping with Salesforce onboarding.

The examples are endless but they all prove the same point: flexibility is SO important. It’s not just about superbly executed marketing campaigns (although those are always the main focus) but also about compliance. In the era of GDPR and other privacy regulations, it’s crucial to be able to sync custom unsubscribes from one solution to another.

Percolator Consulting is one of our subscribers in the Services Industry that agrees with all of the above. They help other organizations (mainly nonprofits) integrate the right technology to attract funds. Percolator Consulting lives and breathes Salesforce, so it’s a great compliment to us that they chose our integration.

Here’s why they and other services companies chose our Mailchimp for Salesforce integration:

Feature highlights for Services

  • Execute the workflow for sales, marketing, and finance for your team and provide excellence to your clients!
  • Control costs by automating processes through a unified data integration platform.
  • Review business activities, required resources, and profitability to gain better insights and generate error-free quotes.
  • Provide a comprehensive 360-degree view of your business through departmental data integration.

Percolator Consulting especially loves this feature for Salesforce Integration and syncing Mailchimp opt-out information, specifically the unsubscribes, with custom checkboxes in Salesforce. This empowers the subscriber to be able to control and monitor their individual opt-out actions in Mailchimp Audience.

Salesforce for Mailchimp Flow

Our subscribers wanted separate unsubscribes for each of the groups that they market to and they want people to stay on the list for other mailings if they haven’t unsubscribed for a specific brand. This makes perfect sense, right? Why delete the contact entirely if you can still get them interested in other services or activities of yours?

Our solution was very simple. Here’s the complete answer from our support department:

  • All you need to do is go to Step 3 “Add-Ons” and Select the “Use Custom Opt-Out Field”


  • Then next you’ll need to go to Step 4 “Field Mapping”, tap the refresh button and find the Salesforce field you want to unsubscribed and select in Mailchimp the “Mailchimp Unsubscribe”
  • Now the unsubscribed information will be synced to the chosen Salesforce field if a subscriber is unsubscribed.

Mailchimp Unsubscribe

That’s it!

This is a feature that any consulting or nonprofit organization should have easy access to. We all know that email marketing is still king. But email marketing is nothing without a solid email database. So why “murder” yours with unnecessary unsubscribes? It’s just like sending clients away.

Don’t want to do that? We get it! That’s why we made the Mailchimp for Salesforce integration so comprehensive and so affordable. Try it for FREE, we won’t even ask for your credit card number, so what have you got to lose?

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