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Top Reasons Why Salesforce and Mailchimp Should be Integrated
  • December 23, 2018|
  • 3 minute read
salesforce and mailchimp: top reasons why you shuld integrate them

Over the years, app integration and syncing have enabled companies to maximize productivity and profit all the while reducing costs. Salesforce and Mailchimp integration are among the many approaches that businesses are now using to provide a seamless experience for itself and its customers.

Salesforce to Mailchimp integration can be analyzed as two different concepts used to fuel the growth of an organization. You get to understand how each of the function benefits from the other. Cazoomi provides an easy Mailchimp Salesforce setup at an affordable price.

How Salesforce and Mailchimp Integration Works

Salesforce is a cloud application that enables a business to manage its contacts and sales leads. On the other hand, Mailchimp is used to design, send, and keep track of email marketing campaigns and more.

Mailchimp integration with Salesforce allows you to manage the activities of the former with the subscriber lists of the latter through syncing of the campaigns, tags and more. As a result, your business will benefit from:

1. Data Sync and Integration

The Mailchimp Salesforce field mapping allows you to link and share the data that you have collected via email campaigns with the Salesforce team. The integration is automatic with every scheduled sync allowing you to update your leads in the existing contact list with ease.

2. Lead Creation and Customer Retention

Marketing automation campaigns allow the sales team to come up with customized information to attract and retain customers. The Salesforce integration to Mailchimp is often used to keep track of customer’s purchasing or intention-to history allowing the team to create leads and conversions by linking back URLs clicked on data to CRM.

3. Creation of Segments

The Segments or Tags, as they are called now is a robust feature that allows you to segment or group your clients via specific criteria. Contacts and leads are automatically added to their groups allowing you to customize Mailchimp for Salesforce via messages to each depending on the intended target marketing purpose.

It allows you to copy contacts from a Salesforce to a specific Mailchimp list and further into Groups or Tags. It also becomes easy to auto-update data and information on all platforms without experiencing the trouble of contacts filtering.

4. Less Tedious Updates

App integration is beneficial to any business because it allows you to perform the same workload within a much shorter time frame. It is easy to identify from the Mailchimp Salesforce integration reviews for most subscribers that a quick update across all platforms is achievable.

You do not have to focus on contacts, one by one, thus increasing productivity and reducing overall human data error costs.

The provision of syncing Salesforce and Mailchimp is a primary marketing automation platform that is fast becoming the go-to-solution in the corporate and nonprofit world. You can opt to use SyncApps integration if you are a small business, nonprofit or even a large multinational multi-location business.

The SyncApps form of integration requires just a few set up steps online and is considered adequate and flexible for any business needing to integrate in minutes not months. You do not have to worry about how to link Salesforce to Mailchimp on your own! This is what we are here for! Our seamless service teams have turned Mailchimp to Salesforce integration into a plug-and-play solution.

Forget about costly development hours or endless calls to support. The Cazoomi team can help you set everything up in less than 15 minutes and leverage the benefits of Salesforce to Mailchimp integration almost instantly.

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