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SyncApps Subscriber Insight Reviews from G2 Crowd
  • April 05, 2019|
  • 7 minute read

SyncApps integrations

Every week we hear stories from businesses who are in the spec and select phase for integration platforms that help them automate certain processes that have been slowing their business operations, consuming resources and burning out staff. With the help of such platforms, instead of dealing with repetitive tasks manually, business owners need to be able to focus on managing their sales and provide personal services to their clients.

Whenever issues arise from using an integration platform, it is important that businesses can contact the support team of the provider, as much as possible, 24/7. Attending to errors and snags as soon as they are detected can help in avoiding interruptions in the operations. If the provider fails to respond to the client’s calls or emails, this will jeopardize their reputation. The worst would be seeing their subscriber not renewing.

SyncApps, an integration platform, which has been helping businesses for over a decade now, in creating enterprise level software integrations to integrate their preferred applications, understands the needs of businesses. It values the importance of quality and customer satisfaction.

Among the many G2 Crowd reviews from subscribers who are making use of SyncApps integrations to seamlessly integrate their CRM, eCommerce, Financials, Marketing, Support, and other applications, here are some of our favorites.

Fit for startups

SyncApps integrations

What do you like best?

SyncApps is the one stop shop for integrating hundreds of industry standard business apps. SyncApps supports my exact CRM and email marketing platforms, making it a breeze to automate my eCommerce processes through their integrations. The integrations are very useful to startups that can’t allot large chunks of time or human resources to digital marketing.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

I’ve bypassed the need for marketing personnel to manage meticulous tasks such as triggering emails through my CRM. Also, I have integrated constant contact to my eCommerce stores for a robust shopping experience.

Whatever the industry of business, SyncApps can provide integration solutions from CRM to email marketing to support and many more. Startups can make the most of SyncApps plans in dealing with their processes.

Exceeds custom integrations

SyncApps integrations

What do you like best?

The tech support is fast, efficient, and always helpful. I love working with Clint and Nugroho, and I have even nominated Nugroho for being employee of the week at my very own company! They are always willing to work with us and ask the right kinds of questions to make sure we are implementing the proper solution in the best way possible.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Our customers are able to easily integrate the customizations without our software to the custom fields in their ERP. It helps deal with the mess of Desktop integrations, because everything being cloud hosted makes the integrations so much smoother.

Customer support is an essential part of doing business. Failing in this may result in losing subscribers. This is why SyncApps considers it a top priority to attend to issues right away by having a 24/7 support team who understand the applications being integrated well.

Improves processes in a timely manner

SyncApps integrations

What do you like best?

I like the method to sync my Salesforce contacts and leads easily to Constant Contact individual Lists.

Constant Contact lists are very difficult to sync to Salesforce using manual importing methods. Using Syncapps let myself easily connect the systems to each other and using scheduling I can not have to log back into SyncApps since the integration runs by itself.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We solved our manual list synchronization and marketing automation list integration to Salesforce issues by using Syncapps. It not only saved my team time each week yet improved the way our process for emailing our customers in a timely manner.

Constant Contact list management takes me a few hours each week needing many list edits. With this integration to Salesforce it is easy to move the data back and forth saving the marketing team many hours.

Major benefit is to see the Constant Contact opens of each client, clicks too and act upon each by our sales people locally. Amazing product!

SyncApps helps businesses save time from manually synchronizing lists with easy to setup SyncApps integrations. Specifically, with the Constant Contact for Salesforce integration, the process of connecting marketing automation to CRM is improved.

Syncs data perfectly

SyncApps integrations

What do you like best?

Easy use of platform, simple integration, hassle-free setup, clarity in reports, and price!

The best thing about SyncApps is it saved us almost 6 hours in a week. We used to manually download and upload data through CSV, Since Cazoomi that time is transferred to do better things.

Used the app without any second thought. This is one of the apps we have ever used and bought. It does the sync perfectly without any problem. No IT person was needed. We set the report in Netsuite and added the key accordingly, and in a matter of minutes, all got sorted.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Data exchange from Netsuite to Mailchimp.

SyncApps strives in providing seamless integrations to integrate clients’ data from their preferred applications. SyncApps integrations were created so that organizations don’t need to find or hire an IT person to integrate their software used organization wide. If we look at NetSuite, one just needs to add the appropriate credentials into the integration, select a few points and press options and in just a matter of minutes, the integration is ready.

Helps save effort, money, and time

SyncApps integrations

What do you like best?

We use this to sync our Mailchimp account with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Before that, the CRM provider quoted us a hefty price, which made me look elsewhere, and in the process, we discovered this nifty solution, which worked like a charm.

The software is brilliant, very stable, the support is excellent, and they go out of their way to support the clients.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

It was a nightmare trying to find a solution which connects two very different kinds of systems (Mailchimp and Dynamics), and we didn’t want to shell out thousands to build a custom integration. So we went for it and have never looked back since.

Saved tonne of effort, money and most importantly time in the process.

Organizations can sign up to any of SyncApps integration plans for FREE and get 14-days of unlimited data integration. This way, Subscribers can test it out various use case for their preferred integrations and see if it’s a right fit for their business needs and appropriate for their specific industry. Contact the support team for more information around your Industry integration use case today.

Wrap up

Reading reviews is one of the best ways to determine how effective and usable a product is to users. They serve as proof whether such a product is providing the best results or the other way around. With SyncApps, you have the opportunity to try it first before you finally decide on subscribing to a specific plan that fits your industry requirements.

See 100+ more SyncApps reviews from G2 Crowd.

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