The Technologies that Power Top Fitness Centers

  • November 22, 2018|
  • 6 minute read
the technologies that power top fitness centers

There are no industries that haven’t been touched by technology. To some of them, technology meant a rebirth and a possibility for unprecedented growth. Fitness centers fall into this category.

Thanks to technological advancements, top fitness centers now have efficient processes that, among other things, help them provide top-notch customer experience.

The way fitness companies relate with their clients is extremely important. Their customers come to them for results. Those results don’t happen if the customer experience isn’t perfect. Consequently, fitness centers experience a huge churn rate.

This is where technology comes into play. It makes it easier for fitness centers to remain competitive in an otherwise cut-throat industry.

These industry-changing technologies come in different types and functionalities.

From wearables to apps, the fitness industry has not only changed how it runs its daily operations, but it has also empowered fitness buffs by enabling them to keep tabs on their training regime.

How Technology is Transforming Fitness

Through the tactical use of the right technologies, successful fitness companies are now accurately identifying their market segmentation.

Technology continues to play a huge role in helping fitness centers to identify with military precision what different clients need and use this intel to deliver customized, cutting-edge services.

This is done through research and analysis with the help of tech platforms and tools that unify data from different systems and deliver actionable insights. Through them, fitness centers marketers and owners can target the right customer at the right time with the right offer.

Fitness centers are also using various tech platforms to enhance the products and services used at the club to increase their bottom line. The insights integrated platforms deliver can pinpoint which of their offers are sought after and which should be canceled since they are making no profit.

By integrating their systems and processes, fitness centers are now in a better position to attract new members, retain existing members, and increase revenue.

Running a fitness center is not as challenging as it used to be. Technology has made it easier for you to build a community around your brand.

This not only increases brand awareness and loyalty, but it also leads to increased leads and revenue. It also provides you with an opportunity to build and monitor your brand’s online reputation.

How Fitness Clubs Are Using Technology to Power Their Fitness Clubs

There are so many ways technology is being used to improve the performance of clubs.

These technologies help them store member information, manage financial records, reserve facilities, and schedule classes with personal trainers.

One of the technologies that revolutionized how fitness centers do business is cloud computing.

Microsoft defines cloud computing as the “delivery of computing services—servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and more—over the Internet (“the cloud”).”

The fitness industry uses the cloud for apps, mobile services, smart sensors, digital services, the internet of things (IoT), and the entire internet at large.

According to research, health and fitness app usage had grown by 330 percent in the year 2017.

Users access their fitness apps at least twice a week and 25 percent access the apps more than 10 times a week.

The clear message to fitness club owners is that their members are in the cloud and hence they need to be right there with them. More importantly, they need to mimic the individual user app friendliness. Members need to be able to reserve their spot, pay for membership and other services online. They expect to receive timely offers and deals without asking for them. And they expect those offers to be relevant.

This is why successful fitness companies are increasingly using integrated apps. MINDBODY to MailChimp, MINDBODY to QuickBooks online, MINDBODY to Intact, MINDBODY to Infusionsoft help them manage their clients, market to them and seek out leads.

One such company that leverages technology to power its operations is Elev8, a Lagree Fitness Studio.

Jane Hale, the co-founder, started with teaching Lagree Fitness at Core40 after she found it to be her true fitness love. She left the company and started Elev8 in the Philippines. The company has now expanded to Bruni and other Asian countries.

How did this all happen?

The CEO of Cazoomi, Clint Wilson, (the advisor) was looking for fitness franchises in the Philippines when he came across BCG, the Salcedo village branch of Elev8. It was growing at a huge rate and they needed a way to better manage their clients.

With Cazoomi’s help, they adopted MINDBODY, an app that helps them manage their clients. This assists them in collecting payments, reprogramming, and confirmations. It also allows them to stay in touch with their clients and integrate promotions at the point of sale.

also adopted MailChimp, an app that helps them reach out to clients through email regarding updates and promotions. It also helps send targeted emails to individual clients, nurture leads, auto respond to emails, and grow their list of clients.

When combined, MailChimp and MINDBODY help Elev8 with unparalleled insights into their customers’ needs and wants. For example, they can schedule email reminders for clients whose memberships are about to expire. They don’t need to constantly monitor memberships. The technology powered by Cazoomi allows them to set and forget

A case study by Cazoomi on Elev8 shows how integrating these two apps through SyncApps allowed Elev8 to track their clients’ status and reach out to potential clients.

They no longer needed manual input and could reach out to clients easily on updates and promotions. They also saved time and could now focus on marketing, sales, and growing their client base.

Just like Elev8, other fitness companies can leverage the power of integrated apps to gain the insights they need to achieve the growth they aim for.

Need to know more about how SyncApps can help you soar your fitness center? You can check out the Elev8 case study HERE. Plus, our savvy consultants are eager to answer any questions you may have. Get in touch any time and let’s discuss the growth of your fitness business.