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Build Your Own Integration? Why Bother? Learn How Jendco Safety Supply Discovered Plug-and-Play Integration that Meets all Their Demands
  • May 18, 2021|
  • 3 minute read

There was a time when, if you wanted to connect two solutions, you would have to write the code yourself. Even with full API access, this was time- and resource-consuming. Oftentimes, this process was glitchy and faulty. It needed countless patches and it rarely worked well.

In fact, it was more frustrating than migrating your data manually from solution to solution. Needless to say, this meant that integration was only available to the big corporations who afforded to invest the big bucks.

Oh, how times have changed.

I was reminded of this rocky start of the integration industry when my colleagues discussed with Jendco’s Matt, who also tried to write his own integration between ActiveCampaign and NetSuite.

Let’s start with a quick intro: Jendco Safety Supply is an eCommerce company that specializes in safety products. They use the ActiveCampaign for NetSuite integration to manage their Leads and Accounts. But their journey didn’t start as smoothly.

Jendco chose ActiveCampaign for their marketing automation but discovered there was no way to connect it to NetSuite. A quick look at the ActiveCampaign API helped them discover that it would be overwhelming to create the integration themselves. This is how they came across SyncApps, which allowed them to connect ActiveCampaign to NetSuite seamlessly and effortlessly.

We chatted with Matt about what they like most about the SyncApps ActiveCampaign to NetSuite integration:

  • How easy it is to get started, especially looking at the API scripting themselves.
  • The unbeatable price.
  • The ROI of using SyncApps vs developing your own in-house integration is out of the charts.
  • The ability to sync custom fields. Jendco developed quite a few hacks in-house to boost their marketing campaigns. And the ability to sync those brought them even more ROI because they were able to truly rely on their 100% custom-made campaigns and segmentation.
  • The fact that it takes just a few clicks to sync any number of custom fields.

Want to learn more about Jendco’s journey and how they leverage SyncApps? Check out the full video below:

This is the feature that got Jendco raving about the endless possibilities they have with SyncApps:

NetSuite to ActiveCampaign Flow

Sync Email Marketing Data
Sync Email Marketing Data

  • Selecting this feature Sync email marketing data (opens, clicks, and links clicked metrics) will be synced to a custom record in NetSuite.
  • This feature allows Jendco to track marketing metrics from ActiveCampaign Campaigns. They can visualize sales and marketing metrics easily and assess which of their campaigns perform well and which need some improvement.

Check out this article for more details:How to see your Marketing Automation Solution metrics in NetSuite

Custom Field Mapping
NetSuite to ActiveCampaign Custom Field Mapping

  • Lead Score is one of the bases of every salesperson in an organization since it will tell them sales prospects based on your understanding of their interests and buying intentions.
  • With SyncApps Field Mapping custom field from NetSuite to ActiveCampaign Jendco finds it helpful because it saves a lot of their time — you just need to set it and forget it. Plus, this feature is ideal for savvy marketers who want more out of their automation solutions. When you create your own custom fields, it’s clear that you know your audience very well and that you are prepared to deliver the right messages at the right time. SyncApps is here to support you create the personalized experience you need — for your staff and for your leads and contacts alike.

See here how field mapping works here. Maybe this will be one of the features you need to take your marketing and sales strategy to the next level. Sign up for free.

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