How a SyncApps Subscriber Helps Nonprofits Love Their Data Again
By Jessa Racoma in Blog Blog | 5 minute read

Almost 90% of nonprofits are collecting data, but almost half of them aren’t fully aware of how it impacts their work. There is a lot of data that flows through a nonprofit’s systems:

  • Fundraising events
  • Marketing
  • Various community programs
  • Monthly cash flow trends
  • Donor demographic data
  • Program outcomes

These are just a few of the places where a nonprofit can collect and analyze data. But unfortunately, it rarely happens. And when it does, a lot of the data collected is not used correctly and its real value is wasted.

Let’s take a quick look at the “why”.

Nonprofits Should Operate Like For-Profit Businesses…But They Can’t

Much like a “regular” business, a nonprofit has a mission and builds value for its stakeholders. The key difference: that value is not cold, hard, cash, but, more often than not, a significant improvement in the lives of a certain community or social category.

However, the mechanics are similar. In order to function properly and to attain their mission, nonprofits too need capital. They collect this capital from donors — individuals and companies — and just like regular businesses they must make sure that they use it wisely.

Here’s the catch, though: nonprofits are often understaffed. We’ve spoken a lot on this blog about how the pandemic made things even harder for nonprofits all over the world, so I won’t insist on this. I’ll just say that it’s only natural to feel like most nonprofits can only do the bare minimum in terms of marketing and sales.

Breaking the Vicious Circle: Unleash the Power of Data

Data Geeks Lab, our subscriber, correctly identified the mechanics of this vicious circle most nonprofits live in: they can’t do more to raise more money and change more lives for the better because they have no resources.

There is, however, a resource that nonprofits have at their disposal: it’s cheap, it’s easy to leverage, and it’s already there. Yes, I’m talking about data.

Properly collected, stored, integrated, and used data is, perhaps, the cheapest way to get tangible results even with a skeleton crew.

Hear me out.

Back in the day (no longer than 10 years ago), data was a rich organization’s perk. It took a lot of effort to collect it and it took even more effort to sift through it to get to the good, yummy core: valuable insights that you can use in your campaigns.

But the times have changed. Secure data storage is relatively cheap; plus, you already have to do it to adhere to international privacy laws. Better yet, data analysis and churning is done automatically by friendly algorithms that can spot trends and spit out valuable insights faster than a human can log into their email account.

Data Geeks Lab knew all this. And they know that the people who need to leverage their data better are nonprofits first and foremost. So their key service became helping nonprofits “fall in love with their data again” and use it for good…literally!

Here’s how they help nonprofits get excellent ROI without huge teams and with minimal effort and investment.

Automation + Integration = Nonprofit Success

How do you win the trust of organizations who have no time to learn new technologies and tiny budgets to invest in new tools? You show them a solution that requires a minimal investment and has a very small learning curve.

For nonprofits, the solution is the perfect marriage between automation and integration.

Data Geeks Lab has a three-step process for the nonprofits they advise:

  1. They help them choose the right tech stack (CRM, ERP, marketing automation, email, and so on).
  2. They help them integrate their solutions so they can get more out of every bit of data.
  3. They teach them how to set these solutions on auto-pilot so they can do more in less time.

There was a little catch, though: you can’t recommend the same solutions to all your clients. Even if you found the perfect match, you have to take into account the need to accommodate legacy systems or, even simpler, different preferences.

This is how SyncApps became the perfect partner for Data Geeks Lab and their customers. A lot of nonprofits rely heavily on Salesforce. SyncApps offers a lot of Salesforce integration and this helped Data Geeks Lab find a turnkey solution for all their clients, no matter what systems they use.

Another important point: did you know that we have a 50% discount for ALL packages and for ALL nonprofits? You can even start 100% — not a free trial, but FREE integration forever. Try it out!

Thus far, Data Geeks Lab uses (for their nonprofit customers):

All of them are powerful integrations, with features that allow nonprofits a lot of flexibility. Plus, they all come with 24/7 support, irrespective of the plan you are on — pretty sweet for nonprofits that are just getting started and need help with setup, right?

Want to learn more about how Data Geeks Lab leverages integration for their nonprofits clients? Check out the full subscriber story for additional inspiration.

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