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Mindbody to Quickbooks Online: Sales Reports that Give You the Insights You Need
  • October 15, 2020|
  • 4 minute read

The pandemic had serious consequences on gyms and fitness centers. More than ever, you need to know what works and what doesn’t for your business. The Mindbody to Quickbooks Online integration is the solution you’ve been looking for to streamline your business today.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how we feel about sports and exercising in general. Avid gym-goers discovered home exercises. People who never exercised before suddenly wanted to invest more in their health and go to the gym.

After a few months of lockdowns all over the world, one thing is certain: the routine change also affected our diet habits. So more and more people need the help of professional trainers, whether remotely or in-person.

That sounds like a sliver of hope, right? But, of course, there’s a catch: the situation isn’t stable — not anywhere in the world. With huge fluctuations in the reported number of cases, some countries think about closing down gyms again (or imposing certain restrictions and rules).

What can a business owner in health and fitness do in such a confusing situation? Even the most profitable health and wellness companies are having a hard time.

Based on how our subscribers in the health and wellness industry are reacting and thriving even now, the approach should be two-pronged:

  • Be agile and ready to adapt to your customers’ needs
  • Learn what your customers need quickly and react

I know what you’re thinking: sales and marketing insights are a tall order right now. Not for our subscribers, though.

Let’s take a look at how they use the Mindbody to Quickbooks Online integration by SyncApps by Cazoomi to know exactly which classes are their best sellers and which classes have a lower demand.

Mindbody to Quickbooks Online: the Integration that Powers Sales

Here’s a quick overview of how this integration works and its main benefits for the health and wellness industry:

With the SyncApps by Cazoomi integration you can:

  • Sync multiple Mindbody locations with different QuickBooks Online instances.
  • Automatically integrate your Mindbody Online Clients to QuickBooks Online Customers.
  • Assign Client Indexes to Mindbody clients to sync to Quickbooks.
  • Get the option to split discount and tax into separate line items.
  • Have your Mindbody online sales receipts integrated to Quickbooks online sales receipts in real-time.
  • Migrate unlimited Quickbooks historical data via our Advanced base date feature, just ask our support today!

How does all this help you with insights, you ask? Well, it’s quite easy. It depends, of course, of the type of insights you need. One of the most sought-after features of this integration is deriving insights from the Revenue Categories that you have set in Mindbody and comparing them to your Quickbooks data.

Why do that?

Because this will offer you a quick and clear overview of your top-performing classes. Not enough sign-ups for pilates this week? Focus on your top-selling yoga class next week.

Overcrowded Crossfit class? Remove the discount you added last week and see your margins grow.

Some trainers more popular than others? Find what they do right and have them train their colleagues.

The options are endless. Data is a beautiful thing but only if you can analyze it properly.

The information is there, in your records. But you can’t make financial sense of it without the proper tools.

However, with the right integration, all you have to do is create custom reports once. After that, you will receive all the relevant insights you want and you’ll be able to analyze them at a glance.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to be a financial wizard to make sense of these reports. In fact, they’ll offer you the key to effective marketing campaigns with a single click.

Don’t believe us? We get it! That’s why it’s 100% FREE to test the SyncApps by Cazoomi Mindbody to Quickbooks Online integration. We won’t even ask for your credit card number. Sign up today! What have you got to lose?

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