What’s New in SyncApps Automation – May 2022

Angie Abratiguin
4 minute read

What’s New

A brand-new Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack enhancement. Cool features to help you navigate segmenting your data. Another Customer Story Highlight. All of that and more!

With integration and automation, there are many things to wade through, so we make sure to bring you cool and helpful stuff each month to manage the key things. Scroll on to learn more about SyncApps integration features for Salesforce’s nonprofit community, hot tips for Salesforce checkbox management, and more.

Hate reading? Great, just hit play below for a 2-minute overview.

New Features and Enhancements Highlights

Salesforce Nonprofits Success Pack (NPSP) automations now create an Affiliation (Household Accounts) new record.

In this feature, you can now identify the donations on their own, not from the organizations they are part of. Instead of syncing the Company name and Organization Name to Salesforce, SyncApps will create Affiliations or Household Accounts for that record instead.


See how simple it works here:

  1. SyncApps will still create an Account in Salesforce (if it does not currently exist) and add it as an Affiliation, but will not directly add it to the Contact via the standard Account field. If it does exist we will just match it and associate it as an Affiliation.
  2. In your Set Up automation just check this feature “Create Organization Affiliation only for new records created from your marketing automation software.” and then after saving the automation, hit the Reset Sync Process button.

  3. After the next sync process, your Household Accounts will sync to your Salesforce Accounts.

SyncApps creates a Household Account as the Contact Account Name. By doing so, you can save over two hours a week to create better campaigns and get relevant metrics and insights. More time to focus on managing your Household Accounts better.  

Customer Success Story

SyncApps works with 1000s of nonprofit organizations donating 50% of our automation software to each to allow them to use their constituent donations in ways they need best.

Kaiser Permanente is one of our favorite health care brands to who we donated 50% of the software cost to allow them to run their organization better.

Like hundreds of other companies in the medical industry, Kaiser Permanente relies on Constant Contact for Salesforce integration.

Here’s why:

With seamless integration, you can deliver medical information to your clients by automating the workload and making medical data administration more efficient.

  • Manage data flow between your existing software to enable better administrative and clinical efficiency.
  • A comprehensive view of data to enable demand plotting and make an informed decision.
  • Automate transactions and streamline billing to save time and resources.

Tip of the Month

Using Checkboxes segmentation and want to get more granular?

SyncApps could do that!

Your records in CRM are segmented by using checkboxes yet you want to do automation that only grabs those with specific criteria or sales thresholds to market to in your Marketing Automation solution.

To set this up just head to Step 5 Filter and Segmentation, and once enabled, configure the filter based on the criteria you need to pull from your records in CRM and you’re all set. It will automatically look at the specific records based on the filters and move them to your Marketing Automation dashboard.

Having a hard time creating your Set Up based on multiple use cases?

Let’s do it together! we offer phone support 24/7. Just book a time with our dedicated Sales Engineers. In just fifteen to thirty minutes, the experts at SyncApps can help you narrow down the right software integration for your organization.

That’s a wrap for May! Keep up with new features and exclusive enhancements for your favorite integrations on all our sites. Feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support to review your automation use cases.

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