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Mailchimp for Salesforce — An Integration Built for Users, Not for the Machines
  • June 03, 2021|
  • 5 minute read

Mailchimp is one of the best companions for Salesforce and vice versa. While they are both amazing solutions, when you use them together you get to leverage the true power of automation and enjoy all of its perks.

SyncApps powers the digital efforts for marketers in a lot of industries through this integration. Most notably, we work with a lot of Salesforce consultants who not only use our integration for themselves but also recommend and implement it for their own clients.


What makes the SyncApps Mailchimp for Salesforce integration so powerful and so easy to use? We got this question a lot of times, in different shapes. One of the most recent inquiries is this:

Would you be able to provide me with some background on the difference between Mailchimp for Salesforce and Cazoomi? We used consultants to set everything up previously and I have just started as a Salesforce admin here so trying to understand the setups.

The short answer is this: The SyncApps integration is designed to help you leverage every feature in Salesforce and Mailchimp to the fullest AND also enjoy some new features and automations that you can’t find anywhere else.

Need more details about how we do it? These are a few of the problems we solved for our subscribers who migrated from the native integration to SyncApps:

  • 24/7 support. We’re here around the clock to help you get the most out of your integration. You can contact us anytime. You don’t have to wait to run into a problem to do so. Shoot us an email even if all you need is a bit of help with additional tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your solutions — we know them inside-out! Oh, by the way, support is 100% FREE, irrespective of the tier you are on. You will find how priceless this service is when you realize that the native integration on AppExchange lacks support altogether.
  • Bi-directional integration: with SyncApps you can easily pull data from one solution into the other. It’s seamless and all it takes is one click.
  • Campaign Metrics: Mailchimp automations and emails flow back to Salesforce to your Leads, Contacts, and, now, even Accounts so your team can see in real-time all the interactions with your marketing. Better insights, better sales.
  • User flexibility: stuck with an integration user who doesn’t even work for your company anymore? With SyncApps, you can add more users and edit permissions as you need.
  • Fully leverage Salesforce custom fields in Mailchimp: Salesforce is a segmentation powerhouse. You can customize pretty much everything, but not all these fields have exact correspondents in Mailchimp. When you use SyncApps, you can easily bypass this nuisance and use your segments across both solutions.
  • Easily update unsubscribed Contacts or Leads or users with bounced emails: you won’t find this feature in the native integration. And when you’ll find it with other iPaaS providers, it will usually be limited to just a few addresses. But with SyncApps, you can easily keep a squeaky clean list, no matter how many emails you have to purge.
  • Get combined insights: tired of switching between reports to compare Salesforce and Mailchimp metrics? Would you like to see them together or side-by-side? You’ve got it! Your new favorite dashboard in SyncApps has all the metrics you need, neatly grouped, and within reports. We know every business tracks different metrics, so you’re 100% free to see your own reports using only the metrics that are relevant to your goals.
  • The new solution, same data: what happens if you want to switch to another solution? Will you lose all your previous data? Yes, with most integrations. But not with SyncApps. With SyncApps, your data is yours — you can access it for as long as you need.

The SyncApps integration was built with usability in mind. Our partners at Mailchimp and Salesforce have done a great job creating amazing solutions. Our job is to make their solutions shine by putting the end-user at the core of all our efforts.

This is how we can create solutions that aren’t just generically user-friendly — they are built to make users’ life easier and more pleasant. There may be code and machines ar work behind what we build but, in the end, our solutions help humanize our work — and this is a paradox we fully embrace and love. Plus, we can make a wager that this is the main reason why consultants love our integrations too.

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