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Software Industry Runs on SyncApps
  • July 22, 2020|
  • 8 minute read

The software industry is growing exponentially every year, much like any other industry in the tech world in general. The first thought that pops into mind when you look at these numbers is that software is a great industry to be in, anywhere in the world.

But what happens if you move to a more granular level and farther away from the bird’s eye view?

Yes, the industry is growing and it doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. But how does a single company in this fiercely competitive industry manage its own growth?

Can an It or software company rely only on the code and the tools they write themselves?

If you’re in software, you probably chuckled at the question above because you already know the answer: of course not!

No company, not even those in software can live solely on what they produce. However, the tech industry is even more sensitive to the tools they use.

Why is that?

Well, because any company that wants to at least survive if not grow and prosper in this industry has to maintain an innovator status. Growth and innovation drive this industry and, if you’re left behind, there’s no second chance.

Thus, you can’t afford to take precious time away from developing your cutting-edge solution and pour it into the “standard” business operations. Can you imagine a highly-acclaimed tech innovator that keeps their financial books in Excel?

Yeah, neither can we.

At SyncApps, we’re techies ourselves, so we understand the need to simplify and improve processes in every area of your business, from marketing to accounting, so you can focus on your core job — innovation.

This is why we are especially happy to see our industry peers rely on our iPaaS solutions for support and fuel their growth.

Since we always want to know why our subscribers love us (or hate us), we’ve asked them. The question was simple: why did you choose SyncApps by Cazoomi over other iPaaS providers?

We were especially curious to see the answers coming from the subscribers in the software industry aka people who can spot quality tech solutions a million miles away.

Here are the top reasons they gave:

Why Do Software Companies Choose SyncApps by Cazoomi as Their iPaaS Provider?

  1. SyncApps Integrations Are FAST

Really FAST! Software companies need fast syncs and they can’t afford to lose any clients over poor support data migration. So we took care of this problem for them by creating real-time integrations.

  1. Easily Scalable

Remember what we said above about the software industry that needs to grow constantly? It’s actually a pretty common motto that hails from the mother lode (Silicon Valley): grow or perish.

So yeah, growth is pretty important. But it can only be a good thing if you do it wisely. 90% of startups don’t make it past their third year. More often than not, it’s because they are crushed under the weight of their super-fast, super-uncontrollable growth.

This is why you need to make sure you choose tools that can grow along with you from your startup’s first day. At SyncApps by Cazoomi, we get this. We, too, started as a lean, agile, bootstrapping startup. More than a decade later, we’re serving thousands of customers all over the world.

So all our solutions are perfectly scalable. Thus, there are small software development companies with less than 10 employees that thrive on SyncApps, just like there are enterprises that still manage to find ways to scale up through our integrations.

  1. SyncApps Is the Most Affordable iPaaS Solution

Money makes the world go round. And they’re particularly important when you don’t have them. It’s hard for a bootstrapping startup to pay thousands of dollars per month for their integration services, along with the subscriptions to the tools themselves.

Plus, even if you do have that kind of money, wouldn’t you rather spend them on something else?
When you choose SyncApps, you can!

Our subscriptions start at $0! Yes, you read that right — we offer 100% free integrations. And we’re not talking about a 3-day free trial — it’s a full-blown subscription that you can use forever. Go ahead and try it. You’ve got nothing to lose — we won’t even ask for your credit card number!

  1. Customized iPaaS Solution

You’ve probably seen some “native” integrations. You don’t have to be a software guru to realize they’re slow, clunky, buggy, and, more importantly, they lack key features and they’re rarely updated.

At SyncApps by Cazoomi, you have none of these problems. Better yet, we’re happy to help our subscribers get ahead of their competition by creating custom-made features to fuel their out-of-the-box marketing ideas.

Innovation all-around, right?

Now that we’ve covered some of the reasons why software companies love our integrations (yes, we could have written more but we don’t want to be TOO braggy), let’s take a look at the top integrations used by our awesome subscribers.

Dynamics 365 for Mailchimp

This integration is an all-time favorite across industries. That’s because it solves a major feud that’s been going on for ages: the one between the sales and marketing departments.

When you bring all your data from both departments under a single, fast roof, the reasons to quarrel decrease exponentially.

Dynamics 365 for Mailchimp flow

Got a startup that doesn’t have separate departments for marketing and sales yet? You’ll love this integration even more. If your team is wearing multiple hats, the Dynamics 365 for Mailchimp integration will take a lot of that load off.

Plus, it will bring them actionable insights that make both sales and marketing simpler, more precise, and cheaper — no more wasted money on campaigns that will never bring in new clients!

Take a look at one of our most popular features — the Campaign Response, which enables you to monitor the marketing metrics in real-time across marketing automation solutions for efficient follow up.

Yes, this means you’ll get insights from both tools in a single place. Talk about data-driven campaigns, right?

Let’s see it in action with a real-life example: PEAK15 Systems is a software company serving the travel industry. More precisely, they have created a cloud software solution for travel companies.

You’d think that, because of the pandemic, their business has slowed down or halted altogether. But you’d be wrong. Even during the worst times of the pandemic, PEAK15 Systems kept using SyncApps to generate more clients.

Their favorite feature? Sending personalized email campaigns automatically to relevant subscribers. Read more about how they use SyncApps to meet their business goals here.

Salesforce for Mailchimp

You can’t really say sales automation without Salesforce, can you? I mean, there must be a reason why it’s right there in the name.

But here’s the thing: even the most powerful of superheroes need a sidekick. You know, to make things truly effective.

In Salesforce’s case, that’s Mailchimp. Mailchimp is one of the most powerful marketing automation platforms, with millions of clients all over the world.

Some of them also use Salesforce. And some of them have discovered the Salesforce for Mailchimp integration by SyncApps that makes their life infinitely easier and their campaigns infinitely more effective.

Salesforce for Mailchimp Flow

Most of our Salesforce integrations are very popular, but this one is by far the most sought after.

Wondering why?

Well, it could be anything, from the attractive price to the flexibility and easy customization it offers. But it could also be the fact that the native option is well…clunkier and harder to use than if you would simply stick to two completely separate platforms.

You can read more about how we powered businesses of all sizes through it in our MASSIVE Salesforce integration guide.

If you’re done with it or if you want to save it for later, you can take a quick look at another real-life example from the software industry.

We’re very honored to have Nexell as one of our subscribers. Nexell is a Switzerland-based Salesforce partner, so they KNOW the ins and outs of the platform better than almost anyone. Still, they chose SyncApps for their integration needs.

You see, Nexell manages a huge number of clients and an equally large number of subscribers. They needed a solution to manage both new subscribers and unsubscribers from Mailchimp to Salesforce. Doing it manually would have been a colossal waste of time and resources.

Curious how they did it? Read their full story here.

Of course, there are countless other SyncApps integrations that power our fellow software companies. Discover them here and sign up to test them yourself!

Don’t see the integration you need on our industry page? Don’t worry — we know every business is unique, with unique needs. Give us a call or drop us a line anytime and we’ll get you set up with the integration your business needs.

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