The iPaaS Solution for Your Industry. How-Tos and Real-Life Examples Included
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The iPaas Solution for Industry

There’s no shortage of acronyms that end in ‘aaS’ (which stands for as-a-service). That’s why we even have an umbrella industry called XaaS, where you can replace the X with any letter or group of letters that describe your service.

You’re surely already familiar with SaaS, the most popular of cloud services. If you’re a regular on our blog, you probably already know the term iPaaS.

We’ll do a quick review for those of you who joined our channel a bit later: iPaaS stands for ‘integration Platform as a Service’. Just like SaaS, it’s a cloud-based service that allows you to integrate your favorite solutions (SaaS) in a single dashboard.

Need to learn more about it before we dig into the matter at hand? We discussed what iPaaS is and how it can help small businesses here.

SyncApps by Cazoomi is an iPaaS solution. And a pretty good one if we can say so ourselves. Well, in fact, other people agree. Like the 100+ independent reviewers on G2.

The SyncApps iPaaS solution helps companies in every industry gain better insights into their marketing, sales, financial operations, and more.

Let’s take a closer look to understand exactly how iPaaS can help each industry — yours included!

Why Would I Even Bother with iPaaS? Do I Really Need it?

A few decades ago, business owners were relying on paper-back registries and notebooks to keep track of their operations. Today, we have sophisticated digital tools for that, so no more cutting trees to keep financial, sales, or marketing records.

But just like businesses from a few decades ago needed not one but several ledgers, today’s companies need more than one digital solution in order to run all their operations.

There’s a solution for marketing, one for sales, one for accounting, one for property management, and so on.

In 2017, Cisco revealed that its stack was comprised of no less than 39 solutions. Think that’s a lot? Well, it’s not. A study showed that the average enterprise is using 91 cloud solutions! And this doesn’t even include CRM or collaboration tools — and we all know how needed those are right now.

How is anyone supposed to keep track of the information that flows between close to 100 cloud solutions?

Should we go back to paper-back ledgers?

Not really.

There’s a solution that brings all of the above together and it’s anything but obsolete: iPaaS.

iPaaS is the way to bring all your solutions (or at least those of them who share data or goals) under the same virtual roof.

The SyncApps by Cazoomi iPaaS solution works seamlessly and requires no coding skills. All you need are a few clicks and you’re all set for a unified view of your mission-critical operations.

Leveraging iPaaS for sales, marketing, financial, eCommerce, and accounting is not a new concept. Perhaps what’s new is the realization of how useful it can be.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, most industries were severely affected. See the image below of an industry breakdown:

Industry Hit Hardest

Image Source :CNBC

But do you know what industry’s growth through the pandemic has delivered solid results? That’s right, it’s iPaaS. Specifically, those smaller niche players positioned in the key industry sectors like we are today.

And experts say that the growth will continue, even after the pandemic subsides, as other IT spending budgets will struggle for the foreseeable future. (spoiler alert ? 38 minutes into this Gartner webinar the growth talks are in)


Because iPaaS delivers something people need, crisis or no crisis: connectivity between various solutions and valuable, actionable insights driven by data and acquired across platforms and departments.

Here’s how:

1. All Contact Info in One Place

Not sure which of your sales colleagues has the email address of one of your clients? Or was it someone in the marketing department?

No need to worry about that anymore. When you sync your CRM with your other mission-critical solutions, all your contact data is in one place, irrespective of how many changes you make to it.

Better yet: everyone has access to it, so no need to nag your colleagues about a client’s phone number or preferred communication method.

2. Zero Silos, Better Transparency

What happens when everyone in your organization has access to the same data? First of all, communication across departments is improved and more efficient.

Secondly, your organization becomes more transparent. In 2020 and beyond, that’s a sought-after value!

3. Better Customer Experience = More Sales and Better Client Retention for You

Did you know that almost 80% of customers expect a seamless experience across channels and across departments? This means that, if one of your customers has to speak to sales, accounting, and marketing reps, they all have to paint the same picture and to make the customer feel as if they were talking to a single person.

But that’s hard to do when each of these departments works with a different toolset and when they rarely communicate with each other. By integrating your solutions, you help them be on the same page and deliver customer experiences that grow loyalty and sales.

4. Better Marketing Insights = Better Campaigns

Data-driven marketing is better than…pretty much anything.

Data Driven Ultimate Guide

Image via Searchmetrics

Data-driven marketing means making marketing decisions based on cold, hard facts, not educated guesses. Knowledge empowers — this holds true in marketing!

But where would you get actionable data and insights without hiring a data scientist? (Yeah, very few companies afford such a hire!)

Well, you get it from integration. When you unify your tools in a single dashboard, you also get more valuable, data-driven insights that you don’t have to lift a finger for.

  • Would you like to know more about which client bought what when? Done!
  • Would it also be useful to know how that client interacts with your newsletters? Done!
  • What about how much your client spent in the past year? Also done!
  • How many times they contacted the support department and how their issues were solved? Done and done!

The examples could go forever but I’m sure you get the gist. Your marketing campaigns can be powered by big data turned into digestible nuggets ready to help you sell more with ease.

5. Forget about Toggling and Switching between Dashboards

This is pretty time-consuming, isn’t it? It takes a lot to even view disparate data silos in various solution dashboards. But when it comes to manually migrate data from one solution to another, things get really dire.

Why bother with it?

It’s 2020 and you’ve got integration at your fingertips. You can unify everything in a single dashboard. It’s bi-directional (whatever you change in one solution will appear in both) and, better yet, with SyncApps by Cazoomi it can also be 100% FREE.

No, we’re not joking! Our integration solutions come with a 100% FREE plan, with no obligations and not even a credit card required to sign up. Try them out, you’ve got nothing to lose!

I know what you’re thinking: can iPaaS really be great for everyone? We say a whole-hearted YES and we have the case studies to back it up.

But just in case you need to see how it works for your industry, we’ve summarized a few key points for our most popular segments.

Find yours below:

How iPaaS Helps these Business Industries:

iPaaS for the Services Industry

Selling services is HARD! It’s even harder than selling actual, palpable products for a very simple reason: you can’t show and tell.

Sure, you can create testimonials, case studies and offer social proof that goes above and beyond. But ultimately, your customers still have to make a leap of faith every time they choose to pay for your services.

This is why it’s extremely important to stay connected with your customers in a meaningful and customizable way.

And this is exactly what the SyncApps by Cazoomi integrations for the Services industry provides: a simpler, more meaningful way to connect to your customers and to deliver effective marketing campaigns.

Our most popular integrations for the Services industry include:

Of course, this is not all that you can use for your service-based business. The number of combinations is almost infinite and it’s entirely your choice. We’re just here to inspire you.

And, speaking of inspiration, we’d better let a peer of yours speak about how our integration solutions helped push their business forward.

CRH Group, a leading provider of manufacturing and construction products and services, relies on SyncApps by Cazoomi for the Mailchimp for Salesforce integration. Before working with us, they were wasting a lot of valuable man-hours importing and exporting data to/from Mailchimp.

Plus, in their own words: “We needed a way to make 100% sure that when we email our customers, our Salesforce users know that every time the right persons are involved in the mailings.”

Through SyncApps by Cazoomi, they achieved that and much more. They are now saving a lot of time, they create better campaigns and: “It’s a flat-out reliable solution for our company without spending too much money on integration tools that offer much more functionality than we need”.

iPaaS for the Nonprofits Industry

Running a nonprofit requires a lot of bravery and a lot of dedication. At Cazoomi, we are in awe of the brave missions each and every one of our nonprofit clients has set for themselves.

Even in the simplest of times, it is hard to rally people around your mission. And it’s even harder to maintain a relationship with them and ensure that they support you for the foreseeable future.

The nonprofits and NGOs that chose SyncApps by Cazoomi love these integrations in particular:

By the way, did you know that ALL our integrations come with a TON of Add-Ons that you’ll find nowhere else? And that they’re even available on our FREE plans?

Try it out — what do you have to lose?

In fact, this last option received raving reviews everywhere, G2 included. Check out what this nonprofit representative has to say about the Mailchimp for Salesforce integration.

SyncApps Survey Responses

Image Source: G2

We know that every nonprofit is unique, with unique needs. So these are just a few suggestions. You can configure your own integration based on the tools you rely on. We integrate (almost) anything and we’re always eager to support worthy causes.

And precisely because we know how complicated it is to bring donors, constituents, and stakeholders around your mission, we do our best to support NGOs and nonprofits all over the world.

For instance, did you know that you can get 50% off ANY SyncApps plan as a nonprofit? Or that there are a lot of integrations that you can use 100% FREE? Learn more here.

Do you know who else started out on a FREE plan? A little NGO you may have heard of — UNICEF? They use SyncApps by Cazoomi to integrate Mailchimp for Dynamics 365 and, of course, to make life SO much better for children all over the world. You can read the full UNICEF story here.

We know that nonprofits have an even harder than usual time right now. If you’re looking for marketing ideas and a blueprint for a coherent strategy, we’ve got you covered on that front, too. Check out our free whitepaper on integration and marketing solutions for non-profit organizations (no email required to download).

iPaaS for the Accounting and Finance Industry

The accounting and finance industry is one of the less seen pillars that our modern society rests on.

Let’s be honest: without this industry, none of the businesses we know and love would exist. And no one would be able to make ends meet without losing their mind.

To support accounting and financial professionals, Netsuite offers a powerful solution. It makes life easier all-year-round, but especially during reporting months.

However, accounting and financial services don’t happen in a void. They need to be tied to the company’s other departments in order to make everyone’s life easier. Can you imagine what eCommerce would look like if the accounting department didn’t have easy access to sales revenue? Brr, I don’t even want to go there!

We all know that the accounting department needs to be involved in…pretty much everything. But few of us know that this shouldn’t be a manual task.

If you don’t know how to connect your financial records to your marketing and sales operations, you are in the right place. Meet the most popular SyncApps integrations for accounting and finance:

By the way, these integrations come with UNLIMITED records. Yes, you read that right! Even in the FREE plan!

Curious about how your peers are leveraging these integrations? Let’s take a look at Thos.Baker, a leading home furnishing, and décor eCommerce company. They needed this integration for syncing purposes and for knowing when subscribers updated their profiles in Mailchimp. They needed to save time by creating automated emails in real-time.

And that’s exactly what we delivered. You can read the full Thos.Baker’s story here.

iPaaS for the eCommerce Industry

During the coronavirus pandemic, the eCommerce industry was thriving — at least most of it. Most reports speak about an 80% year-over-year increase in the US.

That sounds like a dream come true, right?

Right, but we don’t know how long this is going to last. And we don’t know how the buying behavior will be affected by the imminent crisis.

The best eCommerce shops can do is prepare for anything and make sure they can serve their customers as they want to be served.

The main challenge we learned about from our eCommerce subscribers was multi-channel marketing. Today’s eCommerce client wants a seamless experience across channels. And the stores have to deliver it, along with multi-channel marketing.

Keeping track of various channels and their respective expenses, profits, marketing, and sales operations is impossible with obsolete tools.

This is where we proudly step in. These are the integrations that saved our eCommerce clients thousands of hours each month and thousands of dollars they would have otherwise spent on useless campaigns:

Yes, with all our Marketing Automation integrations, Add-Ons you may need are available and unlimited records, even on the free plans.

Here’s what independent reviewers on G2 think about one of our top eCommerce integrations:


Image Source: G2

You can never have enough reading materials on gaining a competitive edge in eCommerce. We know that. And we like to go above and beyond in supporting our clients. So, aside from amazing integration, we also have an in-depth guide to help you take your eCommerce marketing to a whole new level. You can read it here, it’s free.

iPaaS for the Software Industry

As a software company ourselves, we know firsthand what a nightmare disparate systems can be. And yes, when you have a lot of programmers on staff you can pretty much write any type of software you want.

But it’s not always to your best advantage. What could you accomplish with all the man-hours needed to write your own integrations?

We can tell you from experience: quite a lot! Unless you have a few programmers with nothing to do for the next decade.

Just in case you don’t, here are our top integrations for the software industry:

Our fellow cloud solutions provider JCurve, the number one NetSuite software provider in Australia, relies on SyncApps for their integration needs. We’re extra-proud when people in the same business as ours choose us — it means we’re doing stuff right!

You can read the full story of how we help JCurve here.

Wrapping Things Up

If you reached this far and didn’t find your own industry, don’t fret. We’re definitely covering it. Check out our full Industries covered here.

SyncApps by Cazoomi also provides tailor-made integrations for governmental agencies, the pet industry, medical companies, retail, education, automotive, legal, media travel, and many others.

And that’s not even the best part!

The best part is that, whatever industry you’re in, you can find a FREE plan at SyncApps by Cazoomi. Start here and drop us a line if you need help with setting up.

Why not let our iPaaS solution take care of the heavy lifting for you?

Integrate the Industry you are in today without IT knowledge and without spending a fortune!

Have your Sales, Marketing, Support, and Finance team all on the same page. Use eCommerce too? We integrate the software your entire team uses today, bidirectionally.

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